Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Primary 3 Pu3 - Puasa

A comic drawn during the fasting month when I was still 8 years old.
Bangun sahur
Crying - guess I never really liked waking up and eat at 3am
....(notice the 'zZ') - my brother was always eating with his eyes close during sahur, sleeping while eating?
The next morning, looking at my 3 lil sibblings eating breakfast made me and my brother complain. (I remember scolding them to stop eating infront of me)

We loved to watch anything about food on the television :P still do, everyone does
It did made the matter worst.
Okay, this is a true story.
Me and my big bro always came out with an idea~..
..to lock the door and had a feast way earlier than we were supposed to.
We ended up telling mum during Sungkai.
My parents are nice people~ they always laughed it off instead of scolding us.
*lots of love*
Come to think of it, I never fully fasted the whole month until I was 11 - thats when my uncle promised me that he would buy me a camera if I fulfil a month haha~ That technique of his did work!


aznhamzah said...

wow 8 tahun dah pandai buat komik.

**~Pu-3~** said...

Thnx XD I used to draw cartoons every free time i had :P it surprised me to see how much comics i made when i was small.


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