Sunday, 31 January 2010

My January With Zai (Day 3&4)

Here's the 2nd part of my London holiday...

..Ugh wait, its wasn't really a holiday for me actually, i had to spare some time to study everyday in London. Thus I didn't get to spent time enjoying as much as I wanted with Zai.. Although it was really wonderful by just being able to be by her side ^^

Day 3

Madame Tussaud! \(^o^)/
I've been to the one in HK, so im only going for Zai's sake this time. Turned out, London's Madame Tussaud is so much bigger and interesting!
Entrance fee is 25pounds :) but it worth so much than expected.

Well im sure many people what this place is all about.I apologies for the blurry photos~ After putting the photos into multiple frames using HP Photosmart Essential, their quality reduced so much!

Something else:
Big Brother Diary Room

Daring enough to enter the room~
we were challenged to follow Big Brother's order to dance.

One thing we didn't know is that:
Our actions were shown live on many screens in that area for everyone to see!

Nyeh~ its good that we didnt know.

They recorded our video and put it into a CD available for us to buy!
I think its..12pounds each? Yay! ^_^ So we buy la~ Souvenir ba!

The other souvenir:
Our very own 3D image in a crystal photo frame! ^^
45pounds for 2, so 22.5o each.
I usually would think this is expensive~ but hopefully this would make a good memory that last for a life time. ^_^

One last photos of the day :)

Day 4

*_* Stayed in Bruhall study room *_*
Good thing Rahman was there to accompany Zai shopping.
T_T Sorry Zai, i really needed to study for exams T_T

Delicious lunch break at Bonda's Cafe :P

End of day 4!

Extra bits - London Underground

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