Saturday, 23 January 2010

With Flash, Without Flash

Somehow everything does look better without flash kan?! :P
Aha :P Total random.

Owh, its still exam week by the way T_T ~ 1 to go! Gladly enough, the 3 days sandwich is over. Altho.. I don't think I did well yesterday T_T .......

There's just so many I wanna talk about~ especially about my guinea pig! He gets in and out from his cage every now and then~ habis all my stuffs (including me) digigitnya T_T I even took so many videos of him. Hopefully I will get to upload it here one day ;)

I kept browsing through the holiday pictures with my best friend. Since there's just too much to post about, i just have to wait til exam if over. Once start, i will never stop. So for now, just this one ^_^

10 years! Man =_= I feel so old....

Another bit,

Hummingbird cupcakes in London!
Very sweet and nice :) Thank you Hazwan!!


Tekkaus said...

So no flash is better right? More natural and less details. :p

**~Pu-3~** said...

Hahaha~ if i have a flawless skin then i don't mind flash laaa~ :P


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