Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cycling with the Loch Ness Monster - Inverness Day 2 & 3

Hi everyone ^^ Miss me?

I just came back from Ireland yesterday!! :P Missing my friends there already T_T

I really wanna blog about Belfast but for now I have some unfinished business lol~.. As promised, here's the Inverness post! Please note that some of the photos in this post (with 'Sa's' on bottom right) were taken by Sa with either her Nikon D60 (+ 70-300 Nikkon lens VR) and Canon Ixus 879 IS.

2nd day - our cycling day! 
You have no idea how happy we were to see Mr.Sun high up in the sky! Our destination?

Loch Ness Lake!
Some of you were asking where Inverness is~ well, this place is famous for their lake monster, Nessie, that lives in the deep freshwater Loch Ness near the city of Inverness in Northern Scotland. This is my 4rd time in Inverness I think.

So yea, we were going to cycle around the lake where the monster lives :D Yay

We arranged a meet up with Cameron of Happy Tours to get the bikes we hired.
20pounds for 24hours

1st stop - the Park

The playground

Went on top of the hill and kept on cycling...
My favoarite shot

After 3 hours, we got really hungry (and thirsty! -Nano and I didn't bring water with us, lol).
Fortunately we found a small restaurant in the country side.

Oakwood Traditional Scottish Restaurant

The restaurant is rather UNIQUE!

And we had the best lunch ever.

After a great meal

 ...we continued our journey. 
 But things were different by then...
Lol seriously....
We have to use the road. And it was so scary!

Not to mention... how hard and tiring it is...

 Aside from Sa and Nano who went to gym frequently, I haven't work out for such a long time! 
And thus... I was the person left behind all the time.

But finally at 4pm

Owh, so there was this castle on the opposite side of the lake..

After a lot of cycling, we decided to turn around. Afraid there would be no lights at night la.. lol. 

We came back to Oakwood restaurant again for some sugar. 

Going back to the city~ we relaxed a bit

~ till the sun nearly sets.. (sunsets at 7.30pm)

At the end of the day~.. 

Lol~ the end

Wait wait, 3rd day lagi! 
Hrrrr~ to lazyyy~..

Ok la, 
We went around the City, bought stuffs and lived happily ever after.
 What the hell is Kuku Lala? Its just how pu3 says Ukulele
Owh yes,the most amazing person, ever.

Lots of love everyone!


mizarwen said...

It isnt real ryt..i mean d Nessie?Keke..f real i beta cabut lari 2eh. keke. Wonderful trip, Put. Mine stil locked in my draft. So tired wf work clash g..nyeh! :)

zzkang said... trip!!...
nice eh cycling in such weather???...

didnt know that the loch ness is rod-like shape... :D

**~Pu-3~** said...

[mizarwen] Well~ we'll never know right ;D I believe in the loch ness monster tho~.. there's nothing impossible in this world.

Lol, andangnya tu~ many of my post masih dlm draft jua, nda terpublished. But i already promised last post. :P Ganbatte!

**~Pu-3~** said...

Owh yah~ cycling in the cold is somewhat nice coz when the body heats up of intense exercise, the cold weather balances it. :)

I think the loch ness is some kind of ancient lake dinosaur :D so yea, rod-shaped?

zzkang said...

i mean the lake is long (refer to the map)...heheh...

**~Pu-3~** said...

Awwww~ the lake, sorry, I got confused :P hehehe. Yea~ i donno the shape is like that either, it looks oval to me lol ;D

Nay-MrsNurl said...

so nice to be able to cycle like that (minus the turun naik bukit hihi),,
i believe in nessie,,somehow i just do =)

**~Pu-3~** said...

Yea its nice at 1st :D but when i reached the road, i was striving for survival lol.

For me, once ternampak, then they do really exist. ^^ The Loch Ness Exhibition is discouraging, everyone is trying to be scientific.

LoveStory said...

u know what? u shud put more options for ur 'tick' box..coz this post is AWESOMENESS TO THE MAXse <--sabut mcm the Koreans did ahaha xP neways...AWESOME! eh...n that castle, so am waiting for ur Belfast post..hurry~ hurry~ xP ahaha

Baby Omar said...

This is a rather nice post! Found your blog and thought that it's very interesting to read with all that artistic drawings! I wish I could draw too! Oh, And cycle!:S

Tekkaus said...

Wow....what a post! Loch Ness monster? :D I wish I can bike along with Loch Ness monster too. You guys are surely enjoying every moment of it huh!

JIPP said...

haha. Very hillarious post la this one. I like it very much and you really can draw. Can't wait for ur next post on this trip.. :-)

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

wooottt what a wonderful trip ~~~ =D the beautiful pictures that you've taken is tempting me to go cycling all day =D

Alpha Ace said...

wow~ !!

i like your post very much ^^
wish i can have those fun too...

that was such a great blessing able to enjoy such feast of nice food and having fun with buddies ^^

keep up n keep counting blessing ya~

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