Tuesday, 11 May 2010

See how vain Pu3 can get

Yay~ as promised, here is my entry for the 'Peace' Photo Contest held by Rabbito.
Complete with my Peace cap. 
Lol, yea~ too much photo editing? I guess so :P
This is the original photo
 I seriously prefer this one =_=
I have to increased the contrast for the 1st photo to blend in the bright colourful background.

Something different about me? Owh, must be the mascara!
(Uhhh..what? =_=)
My 1st blog appearance with mascara on! :P (LOL)
How do you girls wear those thick mascara nicely kan?? Teach me! *_* Its so hard~
I have it with me for so long and I never seem to wear it~.. It took me a while til im done with it.
I even bought fake eyelashes when I was in Japan last year....Never been used at all! 

So anyway~
For this contest, I became the great camwhore monster~...
Its amazing how vain a girl could get.
Hey, lets face it. 
Everyone have those moments~
 That's just how it is.

You wanna see pu3 in her most sexiest form?
Super hot yea? XD

Taken 2 days ago during Natsu Matsuri event.
Ilang ayu eh :P

By the way,
Here's another video. Its the extended version of the pixel wall video which now includes everyone's photo-shots during our house warming party. ^_^ Enjoy.
House Warming Montage from Vanessa Pang on Vimeo.

My exam is in 2 weeks. =_=' I hate all these stress. 


LoveStory said...

yes, everyone has those moments xD!! sumo suits, i wana try one!!

zzkang said...

Cantik and lawa!!... :D
mm...you looks like bunny to me..heheh

daidai bel said...

the sumo is so cute i wanna wear it too lol

Nay-MrsNurl said...

hehehe nice sumo suit.. love your peace photo..

PJ said...

Peace fotos - If you'd spent half as much time tidying your bedroom as you did messin 'bout with the background in Photoshop you'd have had the perfect shots- let that be a lesson!! Like the one with the doe eyes and swallowed bottom lip best in tha collage - very manga like - Pu3's a pest... but v cute n adorable (sometimes ^^!)

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Lovestory] Lol banar?? Bila ku bawa baju sumo atu balik Brunei baik you pakai ahhh heheehehe

[zzkang] Bunny? *_* Bugs Bunny? lol, aww thankz ;D

**~Pu-3~** said...

[daidaibel] I doubt you will wear this hehe, you're too cute for this humongous costume lol

[Nays-MrsNurl] Its hard to sit down with that costume haha. I never felt so fat!

**~Pu-3~** said...

[PJ] Heyy~ my room is not that messy you know~ its just Totoro! He's the one thats making the mess XD Yay~ i like that photo too~! High five Pete!

Tekkaus said...

Hahahaha :D I like you when you are in your "sexiest" form! LOL :D

mizarwen said...

Its an awesome contest! Wnt to join but oredi too late..huhu~Esk dh tia close..laaaa~

Oh, yea, dt suit reli bring d sexiness of urs, Pu3. Yea baby yea! Lols...

Zoel said...

come on lah pu3. i only have very few pictures of myself. Unlike *cough* yourself, its all over your blog especially your 'trying so hard' pouts!! hehehe :p

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Comment replied ♥ (^_-)-☆

Thanks for joining my contest o(*^ ^*)o Anyway cute oh the sumo suit XDXD I want wear it~~ ♥

Brunei language kinda same like sabahan. Here we say "gergitan", "berabis" as well ;)

- Rabbito of ☆ラビトのブログ☆

JIPP said...

oh yeah. Everybody hates exam. But we have to face it. Nice sumo suit but why the guy din even bother to look? :-D

daidai bel said...

I gave you a award check out my blog >.<

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Tekkaus] Owh yea baby~ ;D

[Mizarwen] Yay~ Rabbito is so interesting and she knows how to get everyone's attention! You still can join mizarwen, she extended til 25th May!

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Zoel] I am a girl you see~ Camwhoring is healthy for female homosapiens. It gives the positive mind and health. But for guys? GAYYYY~ lol lol lol. Nada deh. Hot guys are acceptable hahahaha.

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Rabbito]^^ Hehe, i can imagine you more in fat bunny suit, not sumo lol. Owh wow you realised i have mentioned 'grigitan' and 'berabez'. Im seriously impressed you knew what it means!! Coz i thought u only knew bit of malay. BRAVO! :D

**~Pu-3~** said...

[JIPP] Yea~ i wish there are no exams in Uni X( Hate studying

Guy didnt bother to look, because i've been fooling around in a sumo suit half of the day already LOL. Yea, im the society's annoying clown :P

[Daidaibel] Awww~ thanks for the award!!! XD

reanaclaire said...

lol.. u look so cute in that samo suit!
greetings from reanaclaire.com

Angie said...

Lol sumo wrestler :) Thank you for stopping by my blog ^__^ You look pretty with coloured contacts!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Bunny is the cutest animal in this universe! o(*^ ^*)o ♥

- Rabbito of ☆ラビトのブログ☆

Ken said...

good luck~!

Anonymous said...

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