Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Illustrated Journal and the brand-new Love!

There were no television nor internet in Selingan Turtle Island. 
So I had time drawing a comic journal about our adventure there! 
I even water-coloured the first 2 pages!
Bought a cute turtle keychain too ^^
I miss all these - used to make a hell lot illustrated diaries everyday.
Now I spent my free time on internet surfing
How internet changed one's life... 
Well, atleast I still got it.

(Photo below: Me and my younger brother when we first arrived in Turtle Island)
I know some of my friends and family are waiting for my full turtle post (^,^'), 
but Im sorry to say you have to wait, i may either post it up here or in facebook next time, insyaallah.
Sides, Raya is coming very soon!

By the way~ my new laptop have arrived! ♥ 
It's a 13" Macbook Pro (^o^)
Trying out the new webcam. 
(Sakai - cause this doesn't work with my old dell) 
I can imagine what my close friends are thinking now 
 "vain vain vain vain vain"
Yea, when we talked about my blog, they were like..
 "Pu3, why do you have to be so vain?"
Arrrrrggghhh seriously, am I that bad?
I mean what's wrong with uploading my own pictures into my blog? It's not like I posted many photos of me at every angle in one post = =... Okay maybe I did, but not all the time! 
Plus, camwhoring is normal and healthy, don't you agree? 


MizArWeN said...

Oooh...ur macbook is so i lyk bt it d webcam! hhahaha..hw i miss using d function. nyeh!~ oh post more abt ur trip/site assignment on dat island. love to see more =) ehheh

Pu3 said...

I know righttt~ Im wanna to personalize my mac! XD But there's too many people who object my intention to destroy the quality look of the macbook huhuhu~ T_T

LoveStory said...

agreed! besides, it's your blog, ur post. ignore them love, do you own thing xD n i love ko punya drawings~~

Tekkaus said...

Arrgghhh....I want this Mac too. :p

selangkirfajar said...

Support ur comic journal (^_^) Nampak mcm brg commercial dah hehe

Pu3 said...

[Lovestory] Thanks babe! >x< Kusutku dibuatnya.

[Tekkaus] Lol X) But im having big problem using this new laptop~.. Its hard to edit pictures! No photoshop and not compatibility! T_T I have to use my dad's laptop to prepare the photos for now.

Pu3 said...

[Selangkirfajar] Hahaha, kenapa pulang barang commercial?

Anonymous said...

Awww! You go to so many places! (I've been reading past blog posts. xD You must be a real traveler Pu3! Cool laptop also. :D

Pu3 said...

^_^ Yea, i love to travel while i still can! I wouldn't get much freedom once i start working.

JIPP said...

wohooo. U came to Sdkn! And U went to Turtle Island! Wah wah. I havent been there yet even though I stay in Sdkn. Now I can't wait for your post on the trip. As usual, the drawings. Like 'em. Seriously, u're so talented. Salute. :-)

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Omg~~! I just realized that you are in Sabah right now!!!!!!!! (o.o;;) When will you go to Kota Kinabalu?? =)

Shen said...

Gasp! The comic is so cute <3 You draw really well haha.

And I envy the fact that you have a Macbook Pro, I want one too =3=

Lily said...

Cute drawings. :) Love the turtle keychain! I love turtles, haha.


Dolce♥Bunny said...

There is nothing wrong with camwhoring at all! In a way its healthy cuz it means you have confidence!!
Love the drawings you did girl! How I wish you could draw me one day XP

Jennifer and Sherry said...

super cute blog! :) love your pictures .keep posting! hehe

Jennifer & Sherry

Anonymous said...

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