Saturday, 18 September 2010

Raya - with Love

My favoarite photo 
My li'l cousins - Hadi and Myriz; and Aunt Dayang's cat - Lala 

The colourful cakes we served
The unexpected guest during open house. 
Not wanting people to disturb the li'l bird, I put up a sign (lol).

 Our dining room that looks like an art gallery now. 
Drawn by li'l sibblings, and cousins. (None of these are mine :P)
♡ Taking another family picture with my one and only beloved grandparent, Nini Jerudong

♡ Being able to finally meet my friends. 

My buah-hati-jantung-payung Hadee (lol ) who came back from Aussie (only for a week).

 ♥ My best Brunei blogger friends, Aznuur and Mizarwen

Im really happy that I have finally met you girls! ^^
 Thank you so much for coming to my open house.
❤ ❤ ❤


☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Omg! So good that Mizarwen went to your open house!! I wish I live in Brunei so I can go to your house (;A;)

Pu3 said...

^^ Aww it would be really great, if you really could Rabbito!

MizArWeN said...

Hehe...its awesome to meet both of u, Put..reli. Lyk ds is d chance i got b4 u go bck to uk lgi. Oh, tq so much for d Chii!!!

@Rabbito - nxt tym f i go kk we meet up ahhhh ;)

Pu3 said...

Mizarwenn~ Awu baik jua sampai hajat ehhh~
aku baru teringat your Chii putus! T_T Sorry ah~ Should have given you extras!
Yep rabbito, i didnt have much time in KK last time, if have, then definitely want to meet you haha

Melissy said...

Looks like a happy fun Raya!! :D
Can't help noticing how yum the cakes look... XD

Anonymous said...

The cakes are too cool! xD <3
Hope you guys had a nice time. :D

CathJ said...

that colourful kuih... wow!!!!! such an art!!!

Pu3 said...

The cakes are not only colourful >◊< Its really yummy! Especially the nuttella★ and malteser★ 'tapak kuda' (horse-shoe shaped)! ♥♥♥


so impressed with the artwork on the wall... your family is so talented :)

d440 said...

what does buah hati jantung payung mean? Lol, glad to see you too. You seemed a bit 'off' that day though. Was it me?

Ken said...

we dont let the bunnies out together because we dont want something bad to happen

JIPP said...

Buah hati jantung payung? LOL.

Pu3 said...

[Ihsan] Im couldn't beat my lil sis when it comes to creativity ^^ she studying creative design in University now

Pu3 said...

[d440] Atu pun nda tau kah?
Buah hati = buah apple punya heart
Jantung payung = payung punya heart

What do you mean a bit off? Bangang-bangang and all? Isn't that who i really am?

Dolce♥Bunny said...

ah~~~~!! the firts pic is soooo cute > < just want to pet all their heads! kekeke! and you look so cute as always, although I had to stare at the photo for a while to see which one is you. so cute so cute so cute ^^

Ken said...

haha dont touch the bird! sucha cute cat

hkittygirl said...

Such tasty looking cakes! ^-^

dreamChaser said...

omigod..the cakes looks so colourful.. :) what a sight!

nc - land below the wind.

Pu3 said...

✩✩✩✩ \(^_^)/ ✩✩✩✩

Anonymous said...

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