Monday, 4 October 2010

DK and the Team Building Course

Did you miss me? 
Sorry folks, I've been sick and busy eversince the day I left Brunei. 
Caught flu and didn't fully recover for my Team Building course. Yea I just came back from there, the place was Kindrogan again.
The same place where I had my Parasitology course last year (link to old post). 
'DK and the Team Building Course' - doesn't sound like an interesting post to read huh. Guess it's gonna be one of those boring 'dear diary' post on the things I do as a Uni student,
so don't say I didn't warn you.
DK (Deekay) is me by the way. That's what my coursemates called me eversince 2nd year (its easier that way). They could never remember 'Pu3' (Puteri) ☹ I mean how can you forget a Poo with the number 3?

✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲  ✲

Allocated into group 5 (by which we then called ourselves) the Tap Water team
I let each and everyone of them introduce themselves to you.
This 3-day course is all about teamwork.. it has nothing to do with biology! 
Lol, but why is it held on the final year? Owh yea, Im a 4th year honours student now, homaigawd!  

Moving on

Some of the activities we have done:
Multiperson-walk-the-plank race 
(We called it Ski race lol).
And we score the 1st place for it (5min 28sec - note that for later)

 Drama play
Lol, I only took photos during preparation because I was busy laughing so hard the whole night after that, everyone did amazing on their performance! Every group had to try to make a good commercial on introducing an antidote to a disease infestation. I think we score the 2nd or 3rd place for this (and I have no idea why!).

The hardest task given was building a trebuchet (catapult) in 5 hours.

It's because there weren't any nails given! 
6 planks of wood, 2 long stick (160cm each), strings, saw, driller and NO NAILS
So we have to drill a big hole on the wood plank and used the stick in replace! 
Imagine the amount of effort! 

Okay okay maybe its no big deal for you, but come on,
we're no engineer students.
 So it wasn't that easy.
We made it anyway. Here's our creation! Its pretty tall huh.

Being tall without a good supporting base (not enough wood!), it collapsed everytime we tried to shoot out the tennis ball. We lost in this game.

Our last competition was to design a t-shirt (in 1.5hour) that can relate to our group.
Yep it was another great evening full of excitement and laughter. 
Our team got the highest score for the fashion show too 
Alison fit beautifully with the shirt. ❤

We did everything we could (Do you get any of it?)  
Some other bit I haven't mention:
The spider web - It was one of the successful games we did.
 And to explain why my drawing looks bad -  I only had less than 10min to draw the back of the t-shirt

How the shirt looks on Gregor o_O 
And what happened when I wore it. 
Maigawd, the shirt was actually gigantic! Am I really that tiny??! o_O
Good thing i was wearing my shirt when I tried it out LOL.

Winner announcement in the bar. 

We unexpectedly won the first place! 
Prize gift was a box of wine LOL, not that I can drink, its fine. 
Im just glad I had fun ^^
Wrote messages and gave the shirt to our group tutor, Heather .
Somehow I wish we could spend more days together.

Lots of love.


Tekkaus said...

Goodness you guys are really enjoying all the activities. :D I wonder why we don't have this in Malaysian universities. :p

Pu3 said...

Im sure they do :) Hotter countries should have so much more activities than anywhere else.

MizArWeN said...

hw did y'all come up wf such name, Tap Water? funny eh.

Aiya, team work game is reli a hard game. Wen u dino d person very well myt end up in arguing a lot bt thumbs up on winning it on d 1st place....YAY!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/

LoveStory said...

wahhhhh!! shiuk jua team-building kamu atu! i wish ours were like, cematu. kami punya was always, soooo gawddamn lame! argH! ahaha neways, walaupun u only had like less than 10mins to draw those cartoons on the back of the tshirt, it's still awesome! xD

Pu3 said...

[Mizarwen] I know right! It was Greg's idea ★
Because the staff kept on talking about how clean the tap water in Kindrogan is = =✧ Lol

Yup banar tuu~ Im glad my group kana semua okay, group lain sampai lari bah orang balik kerumah tarus hahaha ☺

[Lovestory] I thought ours in Brunei lagi shiuk bahh~ ani dorang smua kan bangang lol, tapi when it comes to acting and performance, maigawd they're really that good! (as in NDA PEMALU lol).
And thanks for d compliment ❤ im glad everyone else in my group thought so atleast.

Hello said...

WOW!!!! I HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE!! Outward bound!! In middle school you go there every year in out school!! I LOVE THAT PLACE!! We go for a week and it is always super amazing!! Btw Nice T-shirt

Pu3 said...

Every year? Really? :D Annual school outdoor activity I see. But that place is cold! And the food.... = =' Btw, thankz Haya :D

haya_gair said...

Ya the food SUCKS we get gross chicken sandwiches for lunch !! :P EEWWWWII Lol np

Pu3 said...

Lol, are you talking about the packed lunch? :P I don't like it either. There's always only 2 choices for me, eggs and tuna = =✧ Got sick of it after a week last year.

Gallivanter said...

Wowee, that was awesome fun!

Lily said...

Lol I like your team name. xD

Sounds like a fun day! :D

Your t-shirt is cool! The drawings look good. :)

Pu3 said...

Yep i felt like high school again >(^_^)<
And thanx Lily!

Saving Capulet said...

oh wow blogger buddies for sure! can i just say that i adore your blog! it's so expressive and colorful1 I wish I co do mine like yours too! :>

Anonymous said...

Congratulations team Tap water!
I love the shirt on you Pu3. It looks very cute actually!

Xiao moon said...

congratulations on winning! hehehe
it looks like you really had a fun time :D

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Yay for Team TapWater!!!! XDXD You look so cute with the tshirt!!! ♥

Magdeline said...

:D congrate on winning n the shirt..
omgawd is super cute :D

dede said...

No.It's not a boring post.I enjoyed reading it though tehee.. the part was when you won ahaha Congratz :)


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