Monday, 11 October 2010

I Love Pretty Colours

 ❤ Last summer, I bought this cute colourful backpack in Sabah 
 ❤ The colour blends really well with my new etude nail colour polish set 

And so, Im in love with them together 

Look so childish ah! This photo was taken before I changed my hairstyle.
Extra note to my sister: Sorry lai, kaka minjam bajumu ahh hehehe.

    But then..    

After only a week of carrying the bag around Aberdeen..... 
I would usually stitched it back with a sewing machine, but here abroad where got?
Im not good at sewing with hands. Sob!


Tekkaus said...

Try to sew with hands then. Slowly. :D

Pu3 said...

I wish I could but too thick \(+_+)/

LoveStory said...

oh pretty! cuba sja jait pki tangan...syg if u nda cubaaa....I LOVE COLORS TOO!! xD eheh

MizArWeN said...

Aiyoo, lawa udah dpakai :( hmph! if i were u me karihi ncari. i tink dey hev one tailor nearby who noes ryt. sayang eh! btw, its d 1st tym seeing ur photo wf ur hair push back. heheh...u luk diff ^-^ bt still cute..nyeh~

i want dat bag too!

Hazel said...

The bag was cute!
Awwww. Well, you could fix it when you go back home. :D

~KawaiiParadise~ said...

aw how sad. I'm sorry but it look super cute with your nail polish ^^. Sew it back when you get home dear ^^
~XOXO Charlotte

Lily said...

Haha, you look so colourful. :D

Aw, that's annoying. Dx I can't sew at all, lol.

PJ said...

Gimme a couple of days n I'll find you somewhere in town that can fix it - OR put a request on small-ads... Anyone know someone who can fix.?. Can help you write it if you want.

Xiao moon said...

the backpack is so colorful! :D
too bad it's broken.. maybe you can go to a sewing cafe?

Pu3 said...

{Mizarwen] Nice of you to notice my hair! (^_^) Lol, its true i hardly do anything to my hair, always let it loose hahaha. XD

I bought 2 bags (one is tough, for outdoor acts) Yatah nda terkarih LOL. Next time la i sue

Pu3 said...

[Xiao moon] Sewing cafe! I wish I know a place like that here. Not being able to drive is such a disadvantage sigh. XD But thanks for the suggestion!

Ken said...

awesome nails!


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