Saturday, 17 March 2012

Backyard Dinner and Shooting Star

Thank gawd, things are getting cooler nowadays.. 
It was sizzling hot last week! 
One of those days, we decided to cook and have a dinner at home. 
My housemate Farid bought marinated lambchop!! My favourite!  
But then, the thought of eating such a good food in a stuffy, sweltering house is such a kill joy. 

We went out for fresh air. The sun was setting and weather had cooled down outside.  
Still stuffy inside, we decided to carry the table and chairs out, and had our early dinner in the backyard
We stayed out till night falls..
And! And!
Guess what I saw that night!



So what did you wish for? :D

Huy Tran said...

LOL. :D Funny post.

Pu3 said...

@CHRISTOPHER LAY It was too late XD

@Huy Tran Nyaaaaa

Esma said...

I think afta ds u need to installed aircond. Blajar pn uncomfortable tu =_=

Ri-chan said...

hahaa. this is cute. so yea. did you manage to wish for something????

LoveStory said...

ahaha but really, what did you wish for?

awww..i've always wanted to see a real shooting star...

αвву M. said...

haha thast so typicalx )


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