Thursday, 8 March 2012

This is where I am

Hey guys, took me so long yea?

For the first few days in Perth.. 
I was still worrying about finding a place to stay.
I took a walk alone around Perth City on Friday night, 
Then guess what?
I coincidentally bumped into.. Faizah's family
Faizah was someone I just met during BruONZ dinner Hadee (hugs!) brought me to before I flew to OZ. 
Gawd what luck! 
I was really happy for being able to meet a Bruneian family in Perth, I mean, I've been all alone for a few days back then! 
Faizah's family was very nice to me that they bring me around Perth when it was supposed to be their family outing (also treat me lunch and dinner)
Thank you thank you so much T_T 

Anyway, that night was also when I met Farid (Fai's friend),
He told me he had an empty room in his house! 
His place is pretty faraway in Queens Park though, 
I need to take a 2 buses and a train to go to UWA from there. 
The total journey (including waiting time and walking to my department) takes about 1.5 hour! 
But atleast I had a place to stay temporarily (and so I thought) before I found an accommodation closer to Uni.

Moved in and fell in love.

After a week,  I kinda gave up searching for accommodation.. 
And so I bought a car instead,
it's all thanks to Farid.
He actually found me one in only 3 days! Crazy!
It's a Hyundai Excel, and it only cost me $1,600.
With this, I am now able to go to Uni within 20 minutes. ;) 
So yay, I don't need to worry about searching for a closer option anymore.  

Ladies and gentlemen,
let me give you a tour inside. 
This is my room
The dining room
And everything else..
Uh oh! And! And! 
He has a cat! 
She doesn't have a name, so I called her 'Sayang' :P 


Esma said...

D place is spacious! So glad u found a place to stay. But u bought a car?! O_O atu kayaaaa~

Huy Tran said...

nice place & car! :D and Haha, nice room.

Huy Tran said...

Hey Puteri! i finally did your tag after 1 month or something? yeah. :D HAHA

LoveStory said...

0_0 are Australian house pet always so big? the cats, the rabbits, etc.

ahaha or usulnya sja dari gmbr basar?

but really, so big!

at least, you're all comfy now ;)

Anonymous said...

nice crib..loving the space.. and A CAR?syoknya..

say hi to sayang ;p

nonny said...

nice crib..loving the space.. and A CAR?syoknya..

say hi to sayang ;p


A nice place to be. So comfy and roomy. :D


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