Thursday, 16 May 2013

Im getting older!


Esma said...

Nda jua. But before dey say dt m getting old i better tell dem off! Lol

Pu3 said...

@Esma A comment! Im getting a comment! Weeeeee~.. Thanks Esma ^^ I wanna hug u now because you have always been my no.1 reader (even to this dead blog lol)

MayClover said...

haha nice webtoon :D I really like it! Haven't visited your blog in a while! How are you doing? :)


Pu3 said...

Thank you Dewi ^^ I know, i havent updated it for nearly a year! Im good, busy with assignment (explains why I blog lol). How bout u? Hope you're doing great too ^^

MayClover said...

@ Pu3:
Wow! Almost a year? that's a long time! but I also had a (long) hiatus XD
I'm OK thanks ;) I can understand haha (I' also busy with
essays/finals :(..)
Good luck with your assignments! :)


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