Saturday, 18 May 2013

Me and my bamboo splash

Homaigawd! Im updating, again!
Now that instagram got too popular, I don't feel like updating there anymore. The fact that nobody reads my blog anymore makes me wanna come back here I guess. 
It's kinda weird though because I am an attention seeker and its fun to get attention from people. But maybe, not too much? I donno. I used to update my blog frequently (every 2-4 days) when I had zero readers, and when I started to gain some, I no longer blog as much. 
It's the same case with my instagram where I used to post up 9 photos a day, and now it has cut down to one photo every week or two. It's the pressure! 

Thing is, I feel like making a random post in my dead blogspot now ^^' 
Today's topic = bamboo splash
Bought it months ago ^^ and I love it 
Here's one of the first trial


LoveStory said...

ahhh.. i think I know how ya feel about being pressured!

but you're awesome being you, so be that! ;D

and that bamboo splash thingy is awesome! where can I get that?? (not that i can draw. but it'd be nice if i could doodle whatever when i feel like it. LOL)

Esma said...

Attention seeker? Ykh? Dt meks all of us blogger attention seeker jua. LOl. Nah, even doe ure not blogging as often as u do but we still faithfully waiting for ur update. Hehe. My bamboo dh berdebu. Not reli use it slalu mcm dlu. Faktor umur jua x. Lol

MayClover said...

I also want a bamboo splash! It looks good :)

PJ said...

Beaut sketches, lovely colours... I so nearly deleted you from my RSS feeds thinking the blog was history, long gone and dead :-) P

selangkirfajar said...

Wow! Love the Drawing especially that colorful book rack..

I have bamboo too but too bad cant draw a nice one, duh (T.T)ish~ ish~


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