Monday, 7 January 2008

I wanna be fat!! *_*

Looking into the mirror, after all the happy happy weight gaining as a result of non stopping eating habit~ now I can see im losing it again!~ darn it! Thanx to the uk trip diz holiday, I have to cut down my eating habit.

“Pu3 make sure you go back to Brunei fat ahhh”~ those are the words my frenz used to say when I was about to study abroad in uk~ Fine im small and skinny~ but still I love the way I am. But at the same time, still thinking that gaining a bit of weight would be nice. “Pu3 ur so skinny, eat more! Eat more!”~ as a result, all I ever love to do here in uk is makan makan makan~ I never failed to surprise my mates when it comes to buying and eating food. I remember the look on the cashier’s face in M&S when I told em Im buying all these food for me to eat in the bus trip to London~ He laughed his head off “Damn girl…” and I did finishd everything, my frenz were like “whoa…”~ But now musim xam and duit karing ani~.. kurang makan berabiz udah adui~.. Nda apala~.. I’ll make sure to eat more and more again after this~

Anyway, most girl’s are self cautious about how their body lookz~ im one of dem~..maybe… nah! I mean im flat ,skinny and small~ but still happy. At times 1 of my roommates goes to the kitchen only with her bra on (of coz she wearz her underware haha)~ and she has such a hot hot body~ lookin at her~..damn~.. Lookin at her boobz, to think that im 3 years older den her~ itz just so sad! No wonder ppl mistaken me for a 15 yearz old! Well even 15 yearz old have bigger boobz than me! ~..Oh well…

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