Monday, 7 January 2008

Lost *_*

… Studying time~ *Boring*~.. at these moment I found out somethingz missing~ do u realized that u tend to be very rajin on doing OTHER things when it comez to studying? cleaning up your room & stuffz~ For me, itz the time to re-read all my diaries n comicz I made over the yearz~… I used to be ssssooo rajin, nda pernah miss buat either comic or diary everyday~ Guess I dream a lot, and, I have quite a great big imagination compare to otherz~ I jotted down every single thing in my diary~ and anyone were welcome to read it~! So yah, everyone (esp my classmatez) used to noe my everyday live, d guyZ of my dream~everything about me! *sad* I don keep a diary anymore~ but Im still me till now tho, I never keep my secret~ guess im not the type of person who can do that~ I mean, Im good at keeping other’z secret, but not mine :P ehe. What makez me so malas~? Darn it, I should have brought atleast 1 of my comicz n diaries~ sigh~…. Im missing them too much~ I should have known, It feelz as if I lost a part of me, my diaries were alwez the 1 that motivatez me to do more~..

Aiyo, but den again, seingatku~.. I did all of these on purpose…. *_* Leaving all my precious belogingz behind… Itz not that I wanna move on~ I juz wana see if I can try out new thingz, and see whether a new part of me will come in the way….

Ahh~not working!!

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