Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lipstick dalam Sampah~ *_*

I cant consider this as ‘jobless’ ahahaha~ no one will..wen dey noe i suppose to study at these time~ But thatz wat happen everytime I try to concentrate on my study. *no comment* Paloi usulnya~

Why are all the buildingz on fire~
Kenapa ada butterfly atu~
Why am I dressed in pink~
Watz wit d happy face~

Wat can I say? D gal have such a silly time-wasting unimaginable imagination. Waa, I love myself, having the ability 2 get away from reality easily~ Talkin about me, ndaku suka my face there, but den again diz 1 fitz d best in it… I think itz d make up?

Confessionz~ I HATE LIPSTICK!! I thought it should make some1 look more mature and beautiful~ but naah, not for me, dammit. I will never forget the 1st time of my teen yearz wearing a real make up in public for Hari Kebangssaan - was taking part in d choir~ Everyone stared and my friends were laughing at me~ “Pu3, you look like a CLOWN!!” But how come? Everyone were applied with d same makeup by the same person! Is it the fact that my lips are too small? (some ppl say I look like a mouse squeaking *wat d hell????!!*)~ took it only 5 minutes until I rubbed off my lipstick.

D lastym I wore heavy makeupz – prom nyt end of year 2006. It was HORRIBLE!! I never like to look back at the prom pictures~ sigh, how come i didnt realise that?

Oh well, guess I will alwez suit with my pale pale lippy lookz. Makeupz - Ugly without, uglier with. Never did miss my eye liner tho ahaha~ wat? Nooo~ itz not that heavy! See see the differentz with and without hahahahahahaah~
*Wat d heck am i talkin about?* Oh well, i juz post everything dat cumz to my mind :P semua nda kana mengana aha~ I apologize for my bahasa inggeris yang nda menantu :P bad bad english, tabalkan mua saja lalalala~..*walking away*

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