Sunday, 9 March 2008

While they're here~ *_*

It has only been a while~ yet der were so many kind of activities for d whole month during their stay in aberdeen~ Koki, Yuhei and Yuki~I wonder if they get the most out of it?~


i made the banner!! Hehe~ We were selling onigiri (japanese riceball) at the University chaplaincy during lunch~ Thingz turned out to be more than expected! Well done everyone!!

* *Some1 asked ryt on spot "what is Onigiri?"** - dat man bcame 1 of our 1st customerz

while i was workin' on d banner, otherz (esp d japanese) were making d onigiri in the kitchen~
~..Putting up d price very last minute, very reasonable right?
We have Furikake, Salmon and Tuna~ nice wat

*Itz good 2 have it in d chaplaincy~ ppl could just buy and sit and eat~ *

Our Onigiri Sale was a SUCCESS!! + We made quite a good profit out of it~ SO PROUD OF U NIPPON CONNECTIONZ!


A night of gathering at Dodi's.

All night long til 3.30am~

~get addicted to SingStar~..

taking picz with everyone~
~.. card games

~and video gamez~

I really thanked them for inviting me into such a wonderful traditional japanese dinner~ We had NABE~ which is actually ampir sama ngan steamboat~ And im really surprised d fact that they provide HALAL meat~ + the dishes are AMAZINGLY NICE

oh oh~ + 1st time trying out Natto~! campur nasii~... wah no bad loo~ i just cant get used to the weird sticky texture tho~ especially wen it getz in your mouth~

Trying out diz new kind of special taste~ i thought about Durian~.. How some ppl couldnt stand the taste and smell of it~


~..Spending the little amount of time left before yuki, Koki and Yuhei going back to Japan~

another night at Dodi's, this time each of us cooked our traditional dishes for everyone to try!

I made Ayam masak tomato~ ahahaha~ and tercampur banyak gulaaa~!! failure bebeh~

One of those nights when i get really hyper~.. i get really comfortable around my pwenz now~ juz nice.. :D


I find this as 1 of my great experience~ and itz a MUST TRY as 1 who live in Scotland.

Different types of dances~ ada berduaan~ and bergroup~
I tried out the walts~ i wonder if they do include this everytime they're have this ceilidh~ its just too slow~ and get really awkward ahaha~ Dodi told me that i would enjoy this slow dance if ur with some1 u love~
ykan? Errrr~...

i did this once with Longlong during the prom night ahaha~ and i rmmberd getting really nervous~ and at that point we started to realise that is where d magic starts waaaa~ if itz nt d dance, we wouldnt be together now no?

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