Thursday, 6 March 2008

It has only been a while~.. *_*


Wa amazing how i managed to get into Ecology class today! I woke up so late just now~ aher tido la tu bebeh apa lagi~ i hang out with Yuhei, Yuki and Koki last night til 2.30am~ sama sama Hillhead waa~ After they're done with Kendo, me, Syaz & Sa as usual dinner at qismat, den joined d 3 guyz rah watering hole. Booked the music room, got to play piano again after a long while - gila sakit atiku eh, i've forgotten half of my 'to zanarkand'! Took a walk outside together, then midnight mee goreng at my place ahaha.

Now waiting for Koki at the hub~ he wna join my Biology lecture aha~ get experience bah cannot kan? I tarik Yuhei into lecture 2 dayz ago oso~ Anyway, they're goin' back to Tokyo this Sunday :'( sigh, rasa barat la~ i wish i had get along with them sooner. My japanese speaking have improved eversince im with them! Not that itz good but at least i have a li' bit of confidence wa. I dont speak japanese much wen im wit Nao but i have no choice wen im wit these guyz. Waa~so thankful!

L to R - Koki,Pu3,Yuki&Yuhei~ yah hahaha, their mata so sepet :p orang jepun wa aiyoyo..

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