Monday, 7 April 2008

A comic for Longlong~ *_*

I don talkabout Longlong much disini ahaha~ not even a birthday greeting~ tho, itz never too late~ Now, since he received my gift already~ there's no secret~!

I thank em so much for willing to spent time with me nearly everyday using skype ^^ Picz above r all d snapshotz i took without him knowing it :P aha~ letz juz pray he wont get mad if he sees this~
Anyway, my gift for em? Nothing expensive really, infact not even a penny aha~ since i have everything i make a comic. yup, 6 pages self made comic especially for Longlong~
Cali plg, but itz better than nothing what. But here'z d thing, itz been SO LONG eversince i made a real comic~ at which i was quite surprise i could still make it! Bahagiaku eh \^o^/
Anyhow~ i didnt have any idea what kind of comic should i make for em~ At the end, i asked Longlong "If u could get into a comic book, what kind of story would u like it to be?"~ "Ancient China~"
ANCIENT CHINA???????!!! Man, did he made my work more complicated~ but for his sake, what d heck~ 2 dayz of ancient china research hahahaha~.........
TA DA!!!!
*not so ancient building cacat~ but i like d clothes tho ^_^*

Of d main character is Longlong em self~ but aku nda jua mo nda masuk kn? :P i found out ancient china clothes for women r similar to japanese kimono~

Above; "Longlong~ do i look pretty in this?" "EEEerrrrrrrrr~~~....." "JAHATTTT!!!" PUF, turned Longlong into a bunny - since im d creator of d comic, of coz i could do anything i want whahahaha~ :P

An unacceptable sad ending~.. might be it. Putting in 2 DIFFERENT PICTUREZ together~! Yatah kachian kan long distant relationship ani~ Lelakinya jauh di Florida~ mcm mana kan gambar sama2? :P:P

*Nda~ borengku udah pkai gmbar lama hahahah*

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