Saturday, 28 June 2008

We are for who we are~ *_*

Who, among all the picshots, look most likely like a hamster? Aha, my cuz tu jahat~
Illa should hv joined the vanity shotz! nah~ nada
Slept over Zai's place for her birthday yesterday with Illa. At d same time it was d last night before she go back to New Zealand. U cant imagine how happy i was knowing she was going home to Brunei even it was only for 2 weeks. I thought we might not see each other for 6 yearz since we dont have the same holidays. Same goes to hadee from Australia!! N guess what, Zai balek, Hadee datang! Nasib baik sampat jumpa.
Waaaa~ musim emotional ani lh palingku need my bestfrenz. They have alwez been my comfort and support for yearz~... *sobsob*~ donno how will i be without you all~.. Thankful berabezku dorang sanggup balek brunei wlupun cuti pendek :')

Illa, Pu3 & Hadee rah bilik Zai~ I love her room full of all sweet stuffz :)

*more about d sleepover next post*

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