Wednesday, 19 November 2008

To be~ or not to be~...... *_*

Had Japanese film festival last week~ The poster i made for this event took me the longest time so far~ *_* but well, itz worth it, everyonez liking it. What a relieve :)

3 days of movie watching~ it was d same exact movies like last year, yet i still come for all three and i actually enjoy it~......=_= somehow...........

Fine~ didnt concentrate much~ Baka Nobita was there stealing all my polo candy everytime. Owh emma came as well, i surely appreciate that since i noe she watched d movies already as well~.. :) But hey~ we provide free food and drinks yo~..

Big thank you to Michelle for baking all the lovely cakes and cookies ^_^ she even provided haloween goodie bagz in the last day of the event~ surely make kanak-kanak like Nobita happy XD See~ see~..
Nobita so happy wit his new toy XD hehehe~ tu mcm baby ngan putingnya no?
Checking my hp without my permission lagi~... -_-'... Donno why he love to be hit hard by me~ just plain BAKA...
But i still fancy u anyway~ *_*
End of event

Japanese Preconception~!!... Today!! tired *_*

Owh wait~
T_T more posters to make~....... T_T
Oh well, cant wait for end of year party tho~ XD I MISS KARAOKE~!!!

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PJ said...

Great use of fonts and images - in Blog and posters ...exciting, dynamic, so Pu3 = Brilyant :-)!!!


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