Saturday, 22 November 2008

Confession: I love my Zoology~ *_*

Call me mean and weird~ i guess thatz who i really am~.. I watched movies about mad scientist cutting out organs and stuff~.. and i thought...*_* that would be me. I love watching cute romantic and family comedy... but at the same time, i love gruesome horror like SAW~.. itz just a weird combination ryt. Most of my frenz could never see that in me - having d love for these kind of things, itz scary. What am i actually?!

Errr~letz leave that...
I wonder~..bleh aku tukar course ku from Marine Biology to Zoology kah?? I mean seriously, d course is so damn interesting!!! Since my course is under Zoology, i have to take their modules as well, and vertebrate zoology's practical excites me everytime XD

Other things i love - our department is also Aberdeen's zoology museum~ and d place does stinks tho haha~ but im so used to it la~ everyday life kali ah. I heard that the place is HAUNTED~ wooo~ XD what can i say~ itz a place full of dead animals.
Bah - last practical's picz~ on bats, animal bones and wings. Yah~ aku bawa camera everywhere everyday yo~ termasuk catergory 'sayang' udah ya hehe~
Anyway, d picture just below is a bat tu ahh~ one of my frenz thought it was a yummy chocolate (N i have no idea how she see it that way) *_* so please dont mistaken it for somethingz so far away outer space ah~

We're having a group project on K-T boundary (extinction of dinosaurs n beginning of mammals)~ and itz due soon~ Itz really annoying that some ppl never turned up for the group meetings n didnt do their responsibility in the group.. *_* I really thank Oliver for helping me on my essay today ^o^ he's such a nice guy and i appreciate it so much. :)
Ganbatte Pu3~!!!


mizarwen said...

Pu3, i duno y u love operate dead animal. esp. rat. huhu...u dun feel nausea afta dt?

**~Pu-3~** said...

You get that right! I looovee dissecting animals! Got used to it :P Its a pity that I couldn't post them in my blog, karang I will lose my readers! :D LOL


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