Friday, 12 December 2008

10 Random Facts About Pu3~.. *_*

Get to know Pu3~!!!

1. Each blogger must post these rules.

2. Each blogger must type down 10 random facts about themselves.

3. Tagged blogger must give out 10
random facts about themselves.

4. Tag 10 people and list out their names.

5. Tag on their chatbox.

1) Im ALWAYZ late for my 1st class - Popular kali ah~ mendapat gelaran 'orang yang paling aher datang' di dalam my Aberdeen Uni course XD i once came 45min late for my 1hour Chemistry lecture! ...who said orang melayu ani pemalu huh huh??

2) I eat and drink in lectures, labratory and library (where there's an obvious NO EATING&DRINKING sign) - nyeh~ i cant concentrate in my study without food in my mouth :P

3) Nescafe~!!!! I wannt more NESCAFE~!!!! - Coffeeholic, I couldnt stand being home without drinking one~ foremost 30mins! *_*

4) I hate missing the bus! - at which i alwayz do!!~ Imagine having to stand in the cold windy rainy weather for another half an hour XP owh why is life being so cruel to me

5) My camera sticks to me all the time XD - sudah jadi 'sayangku' yang ke-3 yo! (1st - my car & 2nd - my laptop)... i take photo whatever wherever whenever~

6) I never miss a day without eating atleast a pack of M&M peanut in Uni - Sentiasa mengidam ani ba~ haha, macam orang betian terpulang XD

7) Relationship status : unknown *o* Hohohohohoho~

8) What am i missing at the moment : Being home in Brunei with my family and frenz (Duh, everyone does!).. and minum teh ngan Ipin bercanda tentang hidup ^0^

9) Masa ani im eating breakfast :P 2 peanut butter jam, talur rabus and nescafe... kamu mau?

10) My class is going to start in an hour and aku alum mandi

Satisfied? Getting to know me better oredi?~.. i leave the last 2 tag instruction la~... As i said b4, tagging people is not my thing~.. wah~ i need to go now ehhh~ half an hour left!! (ehhh???)

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