Tuesday, 30 December 2008

End of Year Party 08~ *_*

I really do hope i could just express my inner thoughts in my blog rather than updating latest events with photos. Yet, im not capable enuf to do so. Im still in Liverpool, will be so for another week~... ^^ doing good - warm house and nda sunyi. Although i do miss that certain some1 msa ani :P
Anyway~ Nippon connections had end of year party just before Uni closed~ ;D Got the whole Tunnels2 for ourselves~.. Karaoke all night long!!

Yes, i'll just keep on uploading photos ;) If i talk about it pun im dont think ur interested enuf to read it anyway.

Notice my bunny XD she just arrived a week ago, she's an amazing 'microwavable bunny' at which i could heat it up in the microwave n the heat will remain more den an hour! Ladies n gentlemen i introduced u my new bestfren - Qutie! (named after my long dead bunny) .. *abez joe jadi mangsa*
My 2 most wonderful president and vise president~..
Pub quiz section~!! Me and Joe jadi tukang tanya soalan~ boreng wa aku ahh~

We also have lucky draws~ i always wonder why am i never that lucky.... *_*
Berabez XD
Attached with Nobita~ ^^
What a day~...

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