Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wwoofing In Japan~ *_*

Hello people! Pu3 has finally got internet!
Woohoo~ \(^o^)/

Im here just to give a short update of myself. I just came back to Tokyo after spending 2weeks in Hokkaido~.. Hokkaido situated on the North of Japan and it cost me 300pounds to fly there from Tokyo (return), no kidding!

Why did i go to Hokkaido?
Why so long?

Pu3 went WWOOFing for the very 1st time!

What is WWOOFing?
World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (aka Willing Workers on Organic Farms) - Its an organization that allows people to volunteer working organically~.. and in exchange, the host will give you food and a place to stay!

My friend Dodi introduced this to me after she wwoofed last year. Sure i know its gonna be tiring, but why not?
You get to experience a traditional Japanese life and get along with your host's family! You also get to stay in Japan longer without spending any money! (if its not for Hokkaido that is~.. I had no idea the flight ticket can be so expensive!)

Me and Jeri wwoofed in a place called Beberui which situated in Kamifurano.
Yes, its a beautiful place!
And my hosts are very nice people!
Im glad i chose Shinji and Kazumi as my 1st host !

I'll talk more about my wwoofing experience next time yea :D
I need to pack my stuffs, im going back to Hong kong this afternoon ;)
Mata ne!

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