Sunday, 19 February 2012

My transit in Singapore.

Hello Lovelies 
I have been in Perth for 4 days now ()ノ and I love it! 
The people here are super nice and the weather's amazing!

Shall I start from the very beginning? 

✼    ✼    ✼    ✼     ✼         

The flight was at 9.10am in the morning, there's no direct flight to Perth, Australia. So I had to transit in Singapore for 8 hours from 11am-7.30pm, do you get that? 8 FREAKIN' HOURS! 
Luckily, Auntie Susi was there for her vacation also. She was kind enough to fetch and let me rest at the Michael Hotel in Sentosa Resort where she was staying. 
We just had a walked around outside Universal studio. Too bad my time was short, if not, can get to enjoy inside the entertainment park already. 

Anyway, I went crazy over a peanut butter cupcakes. If only the Australian security wasn't that strict with food. Oh well, im sure can get these in Perth. (can kan?) 

Had lunch at Vivo Mall. 

Delicious Japanese bento for only S$5.70!

Had a great time with Auntie Susi and Auntie Hjh Aisyah 

Really enjoyed it :)
Lots of love Auntie Susi!

✼     ✼     ✼     ✼     ✼      ✼     ✼     ✼

Had to go back to the airport and said goodbye to my Aunty at 6pm. My flight to Perth was at 7.45pm, felt really sad as I realised that Im gonna be alone from then on.

As I was all set to fly in the plane, I got excited by the good list of movies! I ended up watching 'Summer days with Coo', super sweet. 
Had soy sauced chicken with white rice for dinner, not sure it was a right choice afterward. But nyeh, good movie balance it all. 

Arrived Perth and finally went out at 2am! Gawd, such a long security process! (Arrival time supposed to be at 12.45am). 

Was worried because I have arranged a free Airport Pickup from the University (UWA). Good thing they are willing to wait for 1.30hr. 
Whereas in UK hostels usually don't accept guest after 11pm, I was also really glad I was still able to get in at 2.30am. 
I am currently staying in Townsend Lodge for a week, It's pretty okay :) 
...If only they serve free breakfast!


Esma said...

Dt a tiring journey to get to Perth. So mny pitstops bleh jdi moody(f i were u) plus not enuf sleep lgi. But yes, gd ting jua ur aunt is in Spore :)

Huy Tran said...

damn. when you get the time, go to everything in Universal Studios! so fun in there. :)

Pu3 said...

@Esma It was such an exhausting trip XD Bida tarus mua hehe

@Huy Tran I wanna go in the Universal studio!! DX

LoveStory said...

wah...that Candy store in Singapore..I'm so gona visit there in Oct xD..

and good luck in UWA babe..all the best..lawa yr surroundings usulnya..ehehe

Esma said...

Looking at ur food pic...meks me crave eating junk food again. now nda dpt...msti kurus!


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