Sunday, 5 February 2012

New look

Eeeekkk, look what I have become over the years!
Maigawd, this is awfully sad and disappointing.
Okay, new goal this year, BLOG MORE!
 Regardless how random and pointless my post gonna be, just keep on updating! 

So why did you stop blogging for a while?
Because I didn't feel like it

Why so?
Because life sucks
(Things didn't go how I planned it to be.. I mean, how hard can it be to find a part-time job??) 

Just because you didn't get a job?
Nah, I was depressed, I wasted half a year of my life doing nothing!

Since you didn't have anything to do, why didn't you just blog?
Dude, I don't blog when I'm sad! 

So you're not sad now?
That's the thing :) I am gonna start my postgraduate study soon! 
Im hella busy now, I only blog when I am busy you know. 
I don't blog when I'm free, if you refer to my previous posts, I blog SO MUCH more during revision/exam week. And I blog LESS (or didn't blog at all) during holiday. 
That's just how I am.

Yay, so I expect to see a lot of updates from you in the future
I can't promise you that though = =

But you just said...
shut up = = 

So anyway, 
I changed my blog template and layout from this
to this
I totally love the new font (indie flower)
 But somehow, not everyone can see it ╭(☉▂☉)╮tell me whether you see this or a Times New Roman yea.  
I'm such a noob ╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮ so I have no idea what's going on here. 

Last but not least
It's Jeri's 23 Birthday! ╰(◉▽◉)☆彡 

Lots of 


Huy Tran said...

i see Times New Roman.. *___*

"But you just said...
shut up = ="

LOL. ^^ hope you're SOOO busy i'll see heaps of updates!

Nonny Atika said...

nice font..glad i didnt see TNR..

all the best with postgraduate.. =)

Esma said...

I had trouble of picking which font does look best on my blog but i picked only d default one and not d new fonts that blogger offered. Hiya.. Lol. And yes plain white bckground is d best choice coz evrythin matches d color. Ure blog look nice ^^

LoveStory said...

are yo having convo in yr head? ahaha

blog when you feel like it babe..don't stress yrself out.. ;D

and no. i can not see the font that you mentioned. i think people with mac sja can see..i only see Times New Roman *shrugged*

Pu3 said...

Aiyoh so many people cannot see my cute font! ╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮ Boo hoo!

Pu3 said...

@Nonny Atika You can see the font? :D Yay! <3 Thanks babe, im so nervous XD

Pu3 said...

@Esma why did you ended up choosing default font D: They're soo cute T_T Although it does feel pointless my readers cant see it ne?

Pu3 said...

@ LoveStory Lol lol yes, I was really talking to myself XD freaky huh.

Esma said...

Hmmm mybe wen i look at it nda ngam dgn d other layout. Age factor x. Lol


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