Sunday, 17 February 2008

Diz 2 Weekz~ *_*

It snowed a bit last last Sunday ~ so i was in mood to take a walk and take pictures around the Uni~ Oh~ on the same day, our Nippon society is having a Setsuban party~ + sushi roll making :) Last weekend~ was so restless :P a sporty weekend i might say fooooh~ I overdid at gym last friday, sakit badan d next day, still sanggup go shopping and main frisbee that afternoon~
Please dont mind me, i get very hyperactive and childish at timez~ Oh, playing d frisbee in a team scared me! i mean i don mind playing with other girls, but guyz?! (and they're all orang puteh?!) U donno how SMALL n USELESS i felt when i was joining their team that day, sudahtah tinggi, basar, tagap lagi~
We had steamboat that night woohoo, chinese new year lo~
I supposed 2 join Sa& Syaz basketball the day after that~ but d body pain worsen, still~ willing to go and play, didnt get there in time tho haha~ imagine pakai stokin kasut pun kesakitan~.. after playing CS at Syaz's place, we went to have dinner at Jimmy chungz, Hongkong society was celebrating chinese new year der~
Love these 2 picz hehe, normal day in Uni~ sitting around the Kings college field~ feeding the seagulls haha~ *Sorry Sa&Syaz ah~*

*ahh d last pic atu gambar lama lo~ rmbut mseh panjang hehe*


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