Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Wen Pwenz came all d way to Aberdeen~.. *_*

Continuation from d last post :P Diz time, itz around new year~ Im totally happy knowing that my friends sanggup melawat aku high up North of Scotland all the way from Southampton & oh London :')

1st Day
New Year's eve!! We went watching TRAVIS concert performing on Union Street~ Sesak nafas plg rasanya ;) but quite an amazing experience, too bad i don have d picz der~

2nd Day with them~

Actually d 3rd day for my pwenz, it was a whole day of relaxation for them a day before, and i was studying for my exam at Miji's place. 2nd day ngan dorang, STONEHAVEN!! We went hiking for Donnotar castle~ and it was DEAD WINDY~!! Kan jalan pun kan mati susahnya ahaha~ but WOW, didnt regret goin' der~

D very last day~

Hangin' around, taking pictures around d flat they rent~ 50pounds per night, but i might say,it worth more than that! D place'z beautiful, and all the stuffz r completely supplied for us to use! After that, lunch at my place in Hillhead~ and it was SNOWING!! Took some tym outside my flat playing with d li'l snow~ T_T siiookk waaa~ sad, it was only for a short while den drg balik London~

I would like to thank u all ahhh~ Zoel, Khai, Peanut and Duan~ ;) Hehe, i had the most amazing time!! Oh oh~ and thnx peanut ah for some of the photos :P
Bah bah~ Now u see how Aberdeen is~

Here, not much of a shopping place, just natural~ and really peaceful~ oh and ancient buildingz! Im so in love with this place! No matter how FAR it is from london, or how COLD it is~,
or how HARD it is to find Bruneianz~.. I think this place is just right for me hahahha~ err, except for orang orang putihnya hehehe~ Hey, i still love Brunei more la

Sapa g mo datang mlawat aku dipersilakan lalala~..

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