Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Juz puttin' in everything *_*

What have i been doin' last winter holiday~? ...Like most otherz~ travelling and stuffz~ Nothing much~.... too malas to talk about it haha~ i had a great time tho :)

Musim christmas~ Stayed at my cuz faridah'z place in Liverpool for 10 dayz~ Nao was with us also, only for the 1st 5 days. Oh, Nao took so many good picture~! Thnx dear~

Just after Nao left for London, far'z BSP frenz pun datang staying with us~ :):):) Had such a wonderful time being with them!

Hmm~ christmas, d guyz played gamez all day long~ Boxing day, all 12 of us went to Manchester~

I didnt buy much~ guess im not the shopping type of person :P Oh well, atleast im really happy to get myself a coat, bootz and skirtz~ Hehe~ lap this pic~ skirt bru yo hahaha~ and beside me, Hisyam~ awwwww, mish em, rmbutnya panjang udah.

Mmmm~ thatz all?

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