Friday, 22 February 2008

Restless~ *_*

*20th Feb*
Im getting more involved with sportz nowadayz~ Sa tu tarik aku sana sini~ :P anyhow, i had more fun~!
Sa's so happy playing around with her new ball hahaha~

Love this shot, Sa & Syaz running after the ball~

Anyway, these 3 dayz~ i have been bz trying to figure out what kind of logo should i make for the BruScot Society~ 1st time making a logo lo~ Since my timez is up (last minute yo), these are the only type of logoz i could think of. I think, of all logo, the 1st 1 saja yg dapat diterima as logo hahaha~
what to do, im not that good waaaaa~ Oh well, better luck next time ;) GANBATTE PU3!!

Errr~ the last logo~.. is out of competition, i broke the rulez yo~ plagarism! Until i finished my very 1st disign - d background, thatz wen i realised it lookz familiar, after some time, ADUI~ Our Uni's Student Association logo! (replace wit d logo wit Kingz college trademark)~ Aiyayayaya~

Since todayz d deadline, i have to upload all d logoz into the BruScot facebook *aha* since i donno which email should i send it to~


WAT THE HELL?????!!!!!! I CANT OPEN MY FACEBOOK!!! Of all the dayz.... WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEEE?????? Sa tried opening her facebook account, CAN BAH, WHY MINE CANNOT??!!!~ I've been trying to open mine from morning to night on the day of the deadline~ "Sh**~ this is not happening.." Atu mentel aku dibuatnya sepanjang hari~yatah orang las minute ani kann.... So at the end, i have to use Sa's account to upload my logo~..

with every pic, i put in a statement to clarify:

*Im ZAYAPUTERI, not VANESSA ah :p:p:p~ dont facebook HATES me right now :'(*

* facebook is being a bitch :'(* - Sa's idea

* facebook stabbed me on my back, ripped my heart out, threw it on the grown, jumpz all over it, chopped into pieces, and fed it to the dogz* - Syaz's idea


As usual~ Japanese class every wednesday, but this time a new member is coming in, plus 3 other japanese guyz! - Yuki, Yuhei and Koki~ they're only gonna be here for a month lo~ watz interesting - Yuki&koki knowz only little english~ and i had fun trying to communicate with them ;D + my japanese gone to itz worst peak today (Stressd abt logoz, my nihon go memory had temporarily vanished somewhere else)~ being with them reminds me of 'tarzan & jane" hahahah, and im playing d tarzan part ofcoz - superhyper, loud and annoying.

Picz taken after class~ it was Nippon connection core member meeting time!

And look at Joe and Mat~

Owh, talkin about Joe~
this guy~
to my surprise~..
~..used to be a model~ *seriously???!!*

Imagine my deadly shock when i looked at his old modelling picturez!! Not that im judging~ itz just that itz so not him! Knowing the annoying Joe i noe and this guy in the magazine are the same person for the 1st time was "OOOMMIIIIGGGOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD"~ i couldnt stop laughing~ Especially the serious lookz on his face! When i think about Joe, i would imagine
a tall tree with bushy hair + big eyes and wide teeth-showing smile immitating totoro's face!!

Hahaha~ Sorry dude, i feel like talking bout it~ YOU OWE ME BIGGG!!!!

Owh, not leaving the topic~ the shocked i had from looking at Joe's picz is the same kind of shock i had when i 1st time saw Sa's picture!

The sweet girly innocent look on Sa's face in the pic is so different then the ganas Sa i knew that time hahahaahha~ dulu lo~ i didnt know Sa has a sweet side msa atu :P:P:P Til now im still not really used to the big differentz between her outside and inside lalala~

Awu awu~ aku jahat~.. talkin about these thingz~.. atleast i've told them before i blog about this bahhhh~
Ok bebeh~ til then~

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