Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Baby rabbit attacked by crowz~ *_*

Sa and I had an appointment with our Sport Science lecturer at the Medical School Building in Foresterhill - which is about 45 min walk from hillhead. Well, we got lost. Atleast we safely arrived there after nearly 2 hours haha. Itz far better than my 1st time experience walking to Uni from hillhead - 3 hours (at which it actually take only 15min!! How bad can my sense of direction be??!)
After meeting with our lecturer, we went belajar in the Library til 6.45pm~ Couldnt wait to go home and rest, we heard a loud squeaking noise. A little animal was attacked by 2 crows in the middle of the parking lot!!! Once the crows nampak kmi, immediately 1 of d them snatched the poor animal and tried to escape with it, but terlapas tia, it dropped onto the ground instead. "OMG, is that a bunny??!!!" We ran to it and halau the crowz away.
My 1st thought was "Its going to die~" everytime the baby bunny tried to run away, it fell down. "Itz badly injured" The poor thing. I picked it up and brought it home. That time i thought it would die in my arm anytime, we just didnt want to leave it on the parking area. But in the end, we found out his injury was not that serious, just a bruise on the back of itz body.

We took care for it for a while. Sa wanted to call it Chester, but i wanna call it Sayang haha~ "Can we just call him 'Chester Sayang'?" "What?? NOOO!!" But anyway, there's no big deal, since we gonna let the baby rabbit go at the end of the day.
Baby bunny atu mo minum air dari tangan saja~ Such a cutie, he didnt wanna eat nor drink at 1st. But then he did, does that mean he started to trust us hehe?
It was a bit hard to for me to let it go~ wondering whether he will get along with other rabbits and survive well. Such a short wonderful time, it reminded me so much of the 1st time i brought home my dearest rabbit *Qutie* i had long ago.

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