Friday, 9 May 2008

Preparationz~ *_*

I love it when the sun is out~! *Hate it back at home tho aha*~ Studentz were sunbathing everywhere around campus in between their lectures. Ntah, how many times have i slept under the sun while waiting for my next class. The Nippon Connections were setting up preparations for the Natsu Matsuri (Japanese summer festival) at Michelle's~ since it was a lovely day, we then had barbeque~

So glad all the stuffz from Japan arrived safely and just in time before the festival. Such a colourful set :) these are japanese traditional games, masks and gifts for Natsu matsuri. Things can be so convinient with the help of internet.
Making out our own apple toffee and choco banana to sell~ 50p each!

These are all the posters i made for the festival~ itz quite a number yah! Funny i didnt realise that~..
Natsu Matsuri~


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