Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sweet Balance~ *_*

I thought about thingz too much~ so many thingz! Now, finally - a great big relieve.
Not that everythingz sorted, but at least a big part of it have been solved. Fuhh~... Now i can think clearly again..

I've been ingau ati a lot about Longlong oso ahaha, but yesterday he finally msg me,aahhhh happy ku dibuatnya.

His parents was of coz surprised by his new lookz, nda marah, juz couldnt stop laughing. Just after that, he shaved everything off tia, so basically he's botak now hahaha. He have to go to mindef the next day waaa datz why~ Imagine if he keeps his mohawk :P

Bah, leave diz.

A day before, it was Japan Day~...
Nani? Cannot? Playing with photoshop waa, still sakai baa~ Why face yellow? ....That 1 i donno, im still a beginner you see hahaha.
Instead of deleting all d crappy picz (Nao wantz me to delete it) - i've turned them into quite an interesting piece. Nyway, diz are picz of me and Nao, a close japanese kitty cat of mine. Our love for food (Specifically sushi) brought us there for Japan Day.

Our society, Nippon Connections set up a place there also - at which i was then in charge of it with our president Dodi-chan, our Vice president SuMei was late dat day. (I wore tudung at 1st aha~)

We were asked to Give out japanese books and novels for free!

But wait!!! WHY IS THIS BOOK HERE???? (SuMei said it says 'American Sex Revolution' - if im not mistaken)

While i was taking care of our NC, Nao and Yoko was responsible for the Japanese clothes try out. Of coz i wouldnt miss a chance as well :P

Syaz on the other hand, was taking part for the Kendo presentation.
I love looking at the li'l girlz in their yukata playing around~On top of all~ FREE SUSHIII!!!! Yup, the actual reason why i came all the way :P
There'z nuthing better than the word 'free' eh?

Ok~ datz all bout japan day~
Bah, i have 1 good newz, i had problems choosing due to my indecisive behaviour - but now i have finally confirmed my stay with my Malaysian frenz - Fairus and Alin starting next semester (Insyaallah~....)! I went to d house on d same day dat morning, itz beautiful!! and itz not dat far from Uni~:)

Below pic - a day before raya, Fairus (left), me and Alin (right)~ flatmates to be? As far as WE know, we're the only 1st year malay girls in Aberdeen Uni.Anyone hairan liat aku pakai tudung? Nya my fren nya, she could only see me wearing tudung once in a blue moon. Practising baaa~ itz better den not trying at all~

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