Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Okaeri~ Im home~ *_*

Looking out through the window~ it was all white and blue~ the beautiful navi blue i adore. It was the South China Sea~ I was reaching Brunei soon that time, after 9 months away from home~ man, jantung ani bukannya main laju debarannya (haha, cali eh) "Finally~... home~.." I imagined what will the hot weather get me into after a long exposure without it. I remmbered Hadee's blog, the definition of the burning heat on his skin when he just arrived from Aussie. How should i define my feelings msa arrivng in Brunei after a very long time?? Dissapointed, it didnt get me feel the much difference (REALLY!)~ I was really happy just to see my mother and lil sis Malina~ then arriving home, i encountered a great surprise, my maid - aunty Juny is still home!!! PENIPUUU~!! Man, atu happyku! I tot she went home for good last december after all the 9 yearz working with us. i've been feeling sad d last 6 months everytime i think about the no last goodbye between us. Nyway, kaka tuyah made a surprise visit when we thought she was supposed to be in NZ~ Waaaa~ i rindu everyone!!!
Oh oh! n abg boy celebrated his bday in our house on that day it self!! Ahhh and~i finally met baby daniell!!! So cute~!! Siok kali ahh~ dapat jumpa ramai orang bila bru sampai rumahhh~
I couldnt sleep that night tho~ i never thought it was really hard to cope with the time difference aha~ Nxt 2 dayz, jmpa suhailla hehe~ lepak2 rah Giant in Rimba for d 1st time. Bleh laaaa~

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