Thursday, 1 January 2009

Selamat Tahun Baru 2009~ *_*

Surprise~ surprise~... Me, Far, Muiz and frenz celebrated our new year countdown in a PINK GAY BAR. Owh how i wish i could upload d shockingly HOT picz on everything we saw on spot. P kan~ mmg tak adil bagi yang anti-homo out der, so minta maaf sekalian :P Yea~... balum balik aberdeen lagi~ "Sampai bila kamu stay di Liverpool ani?"~.. and i say "Selama-lamanya~... :P" . Aha~ my home in aberdeen is so~cold! Keluar katil pun nda mau, macam mana kan belajar?! (Tuan puteri guarantee tidur if belajar atas katil bebeh). Far's room is so hot that I wake up thinking im still in Brunei everytime since im all sweaty. I even dream of running around the hot beach everynight! Owh man~..
Anyway~ Muiz visiting Far this week~.. so banyak hangout bertigala~ :D
Muiz and joyful faridah with newly bought mask from Venice in her room..... I do really hope i could exchange rooms with her (aku mo panasnya saja tu ah XD)
..... not much la masa ani~.. since examz coming in 2weeks masa ani, we're spending most of the time at home. But we do have time for all the random stuffs we can think of~ ;)..

Dear everyone, I only blog when im
supposed to be busy studying for the exam~... why am i doing this to myself? *_*
Bah bah~ im off to the library tah~.. and no, im not bringing my
laptop this time *_* I CAN DO THIS!!

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