Thursday, 3 December 2009

Addicted to iphone games >_<

I've been trying to blog about this for a few days now~.. FINALLY! *_* Due to my lack of free-for-blog time, I only got to edit 1 picture a day until i finally get to publish this! Fuh! Really really want to die one! Crazy 3rd year kacang-kana-picak schedule! Argh!!

Fuh, much better :)

Okay~.. stress-free activities!
What do you usually do to fly yourself away from reality?

I loovvvee reading manga regardless!!
I hate to admit this, but I really am only into Japanese stuffs =_= *typical, grigitan jua rasanya eh* Owh wait, no la~.. others from Japanese dramas, i love watching The Simpsons, Futurama and other American family comedies as well!

Ah before i get any furthur away, lets go to my main topic for this post - Iphone games! I am currently quite addicted to it baby!\(^_^)/ Martabak talur masih panas baaa hehe~ still full of sakai-ness! :P
I've downloaded many-many games already~ but i'll just show you 2 of the games downloaded just recently~
I had finished the Virtual Villagers 2 :P so now im going for Virtual Villagers 3! Looks like im really into real-time games ;D

Another 'interesting' game is called Dream Chronicles. Atleast, that is what i heard.

And guess what, I havent really started playing the game yet!
........Need to ask why???

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~... if only I have time........
Im kinda worried it is as addictive as Virtual Villagers 2.
Once you started, there's no turnin' back~ I couldn't take it off my hand!

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