Monday, 21 December 2009

Pu3 and the Snow

Its been snowing for a few days now~ :) Yay, white christmas!

Got a list of things to buy this holiday. Im not much of a shopping person really, but it has been really long since i bought something (that is not online!).
I need a new pair of boots, waterproof this time! T_T Hate the melting snows, (or just simply wet rainy days)~ the water seeped into my shoes (damaging them), wet my socks (damaging them) and turned my feet numbed. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to arrive home with great wet stockins everyday?

Snow! Go back to snow!
My flatmates went to Paris few days ago, and its only me here in 28 Hilton Terrace. :( We would have gone out and make a snow man in the backyard if they were here~.. tons of pretty pictures too!

Well... that didn't stop me from taking my own photo outside.

Just one photo, one photo!
Saw my neighbour smiling at me when i was posing for my camera.
Straight away went back inside malu malu.
Payah jua eh kalau nada dangan ani.

Seems so lonely right - living alone. :) Nyeh, i still have my noisy guinea pig with me you know ( and yes, he is still alive!) . Plus, im going to Glasgow with Jeri soon... And! And! My bestfriend Zai from New Zealand will be in London this January!! Cant wait to meet her! :D

So anyway, these are pictures from the last two weeks.
Once again, thank you Peter!
And thank you Dodi! - For borrowing me your wonderful camera :)


Katii said...

Wuhu, hey you!
What a great Blog! I like it!
I wish you a nice evening! (:

**~Pu-3~** said...

Thank you Katii \(^_^)/ Yours lovely as well. Nice of you to dropped by. Have a very nice day :)


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