Monday, 28 December 2009

Science and Christmas in Glasgow

Hello ^_^ Miss me?

Me and Jeri just came back from a trip in Glasgow. Though its still Scotland, there were so many fun things to do during the Christmas season :)

So this is what i wanna post about today ^^ our day in Glasgow! And owh before i start, Jeri has coloured his hair brown! Awww~ he looks just how it was on the 1st time we met!

Ok la~ 3,2,1!

The 1st place we went to:
Glasgow Science Centre
Haha yea, i am such a geek :P
But HEY! They also have an IMAX theatre and a tower there!
So we went to watch AVATAR in 3D IMAX!

Waiting for the movie, we played around the Science Mall

One of the machines we tried..

The Planetarium is my favoarite (and its my 1st time ever - a dream come true!) :)
It is said to be one of the best in Britain!
Other photos around the Science Centre.

Christmas eve:
We went to the Christmas Market in St. Enoch
Colourful ginger cookies!

We headed to the carnival in Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre. The rides were making us sick *_* so went back to town so much earlier than expected.

Walking around town, we found another amusement centre! I hated the cold, but it is so much better outdoor really..

Such a jolly christmas ^^Before i go.
Let me recommend you one of the best Japanese restaurant I ever been to in uk. ^^Sapporo Teppanyaki restaurant serves the salmon sushi i've been searching for that melts in the mouth!
Pricey but worth it!

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