Friday, 11 December 2009

HK Disneyland with Kelly

Happy Belated birthday to Jeri's little sister Kelly \(^_^)/

We called Kelly in Hongkong yesterday~ waa.. so cute ehh. Haven't chat with her online this semester! ;| I hardly go msn now bah! Too busy? Rather than msn, i used my free time to blog nowadays.

Poor Kelly~ last summer she was waiting for my post on Disneyland.. it was the only time we spent the whole day together. Of course it was eventually forgotten~ But then again, its never too late right :)

So here I give you~ another story from last summer in Hong Kong ;)~

Stitch everywhere!
Jeri said people in Hong Kong tend to love Stich the most.

Anyway, its so crazy to know the fact that i went to 2 Disneylands last summer *_* Jeri was actually planning to take me to another one in Tokyo! But i had enough somehow.

Here's the difference between the Disneyland in Hong Kong and in Paris. The castle in Paris is actually much bigger :P everything else is so much bigger! But i enjoyed more in Hong Kong really~

Instead of Mickey, Stitch is the mascot here~

But they do have the House of Mickey :) So sakai to know I got the chance to meet Mickey and Minnie mouse!!

A whole day of fun ^_^

Disney Buffet!! *_* I was shocked by the variety of food they offer!! So banyak!
The crabs were so BIG! (Tapi lagi jauh nyamannya katam di brunei ehh). And it was the 1st time for me to try the Squik Ink Noodles! ^_^ Loved it!


So many Mickeys!! So colourful~
I love the extras for ice-creams :P Macam-macam, crazy!
I think Hong Kong provide the most delicious food around. It has become one of the great reasons why i just wanna go back there again!
Other reasons? Duhhhh~ im sure you know laaa~

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