Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I Want White-faced Scops Owl!

I couldn't take my mind off these creatures~ the African White-faced Scops Owl are just so~ COOL!! Not only they are cute, they also have the anti-predator ability to transform! ^^ Ahh~ i wish i can have my very own owl, it would be so interesting yah Peter? :P Imagine..........
Fine, it may look lame. But we had a great laugh after watching the youtube video with everyone. ^^

Yes yes, VIDEO, watch this youtube video!! Get my point, its hilarious!!
Its in Japanese, but it doesnt matter really.

The owl is named Popo
When the Popo encountered a weaker owl species (in this case, a Barn owl), he spread his feathers looking larger to scare the other creature.
But when Popo faced a stronger owl species (Eurasian Eagle-Owl), he shrank and narrowed his eyes trying to hide itself from the Eurasian Eagle-Owl by making sure he looks like a tree branch hahaha.
If you notice, he kept on twisting its body trying to face its back toward the enemy, this is because the feather's on Popo's stomach are non-camouflaging white colour.

The reason for this ability is that White-faced Scops Owls are very good at controlling their feathers. The actual body is quite small but has very thick feathers. Therefore, their size can be changed easily simply by puffing or flattening their feathers.
(A thank you to Monimonika for translating. Source)

I have to make a presentation on animal behaviour next two weeks and I really wanna talk about this creature's defense mechanism. Unfortunately I couldn't find the specific scientific paper for it. :(
Yatah kan, for not being able to present my course mates this, I might as well just blog about it.

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