Monday, 15 February 2010

Love Bento

Valentines yesterday.
I made a special valentine-theme bento for Jeri this year.
Thought it would be nice since he loves food so much haha.

It been a very long time since I decorated a bento lunch.
So what do you think? ^^

Please note that im only doing this to be fair and for fun. I don't really celebrate

Just so you know.

I was amazed when I found heart-shaped silicon cups being sold in Mark&Spencer! The price was very reasonable :) With this, i can add in a various kinds of food together regardless the combination.
Ah such lovely compartments. ^^Sure it took time and effort, but it was good fun. :)
Best part, Jeri was impressed! Woot!

Yay, this is the best bento i've ever made so far!
Love the heart-shaped jelly beans.
Bought it from Mark&Spences as well.
This is what I get from Jeri :)
A rose! Wah wah, my very 1st rose!
Cystal on top lagi tu XD So sakai!

Love it!

For those who celebrated it, hope you all have enjoyed your special weekend,
and.. a very Happy Chinese New Year! :)


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