Thursday, 18 February 2010

Purikura in Japan

Aaww~ i miss Purikura! ^^ How come uk don't have ar?
These were taken last summer when Jeri and I was visiting Nao in ikebukuro. 1st pic is my favoarite. Pink panda \(^_^)/ so cute!

Wah me who is so dark with pimples look so white and fair! My eyes look bigger too!
No wonder girls love these machines :P Can trick everyone

Oh-oh, free dressup also! Notice me wearing Japanese school uniform!
So sakai!

Boom boom! Sunglasses!


Eh? Have 1 extra tiny lil creature this time!


Tekkaus said... guys really love to post huh! :)

**~Pu-3~** said...

Yeah of coz la :D di purikuri so expensive one, waste of money la if dont pose might as well take passport photo haha


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