Friday, 4 June 2010

Our panda BUNNY, the FISH, the SEAL and everything else in Pu3's world.

When exam is finally over~ I started to think about the things that should be done, and things that I should do...
I mean, maigawd! It's summer holiday already!! 
Should I write down a list or something? "Pu3's summer goals"~..nah. 
Lets just wait and see.

So anyway, my mum messaged me from Brunei telling me that they bought a NEW PET!
A RABBIT! Again??!! (I had a rabbit bestfriend named Qutie for 6 years, he died when I was 15 -_-, we brought home 2 more rabbits after that, but it was never the same, they died pretty soon after as well)

So I asked my mum to post the picture up on facebook.
When I saw the bunny, I was like

Don't you think that our new bunny looks like a PANDA??

My little sister told me her name is 'Kimchi Rice Cake The Kiss'
What the hell, so long?!
I can't wait to go home this summer!! ^_^

Moving on

Let me update you with the not-so-fun part of my life. 
My life, as a Marine Biology student in Scotland. 

Salmon farm/counter trip.... 

And our fish market trip a week before revision week...

Look at me!
I had to keep pulling my hat back that day =_= .....and it was FREEZINGG~

Guess what else we get to meet there in the harbour!
So damn excited!
My friend was laughing as if i never seen 1 before. Of course I've seen one, but NOT OUTSIDE THE ZOO. Im sure you would be excited too right?! 

I finally went out shopping yesterday!
Guess which one i ended up buying :P 
=_= I need to gain weight......


zzkang said... looks funny in your labcoat and hat....

mm...the right and left clothes look good on you... :D

**~Pu-3~** said...

Yea i know :P thats why I post it up, I can't even see my eyes! *o*

Yea the middle photo not a good combination huh


Kimchi Rice Cake The Kiss is very cute. i like his./her name although it's quite long. HAHA. oohh~ A seal, cute one too!.

I guess you bought it all :D

daidai bel said...

omg the bunny is so cute i like your new red dress suit u heee

LoveStory said...

awu pu3..mcm panda rabbit kamu ah ahah super cute~!! or as you may say it in Japanese, kawaiiii~~!! ahaha xP

n mcm siuk field trip kamu ah..(kira field trip kh tu?)

n tiga2 gmbr lam fitting tu lawa? which one yg u end up mbali? i hope all..ahahaha xD

Tekkaus said...

Interesting....didn't know salmon can be farmed. This is good as this way of production is sustainable. :D

miru said...

The bunny is so cute. : D The name's cute, too. xD

All the clothes look nice. : )

Dolce♥Bunny said...

awwwwwwwwwwww it does look like a panda but... the name... haha so long...

Love the pics from your fish market trip.

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Kimchi Rice Cake The Kiss! Kawaiiiiiiii XDXD ♥ ♥

And you look funny. Bleek XP

From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆

MizArWeN said...

hehehe saw d bunny frm ur fb adorable xP and wat a long name it has..nicknamenya cna tu? chi? ice? kiss2?kekeke...wh so many suggestion i gev u.kekke...

uuuuu summer. f i were der, i want to go camping and get my feet buried in d sand..shud be fun duin dat :)

p/s: d outfit in d middle is nice put

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

OMG!!! ur bunny sure looks darn cute!!!!the first pic looks like hamu though hehehe.... ♥♥♥ reminds me of my old hamu..... who died though =(

i will be excited too if i see a seal outside zoo!!! =D and I think the red dress looks good on you hahaha.

can i transfer some of my fats to you instead???? i need to lose lots of weight -.-''

PJ said...

Waaa, cool dress!! ...for summer ceilidhs, or u goin' somewhere posh?!? I like middle outfit too!! Seals are always exciting, unless u'r a fish, then maybe exciting in a bad sorta way huh^^?

Comic_Cat said...

panda-bunny! :D
the seal is also awesome. Animals are the best thing. i really like ur blog.



I keep thinking about sushi and sashimi...

oh oh and salmon alfredo linguini

yummo i am now officiall hungreh.

p/s: u bought the red one? coz u're smiling in that one


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