Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The things I did on J-Day

Dearest readers,
tell me honestly.....
Why do you blog?
For fun? For attention? For money?  

I asked this question all the time. I would say its a non profitable activity for me. 
My guess would be self-satisfaction
Maybe this is a replacement for my daily diary habit I had before internet became important parts of my life. 
Who knows.

Moving on
Japan Day in Robert Gordon University few days ago.
I didn't bother to wear yukata so I left mine home. But then, I was asked to wear Yoko san's yukata instead.
A bit sakai though, cause it's a real one (my yukata was just a clip-on). 

Some of the day event photos

This is our (Nippon Connections) booth. 
(With some of the past events posters on the wall)

What you see on our booth

Other things I did (which was not supposed to be on the list) 
Drawing people.. 
I drew a few other people on that day out of boredom. 
It makes me happy just to see how people appreciated it. ^^
Picture above was taken by Peter,
the man that gave a contribution to the whole Aberdeen friends of Japan by being the official photographer of the day. All his pictures are amazing as usual :) but I only took 1 this time.

The thing about me. 
I always bring 'stuffs' (like drawing pens and sketchbook) in case there's nothing much to do. 

But this time...
Guess what other things I brought along with me? 

Nail colours!
Isn't it pweeettty? :)


Tekkaus said... guys are having a blast aye. :D

I remembered I used to have Japanese day to back in my uni.

daidai bel said...

wow i love your yukata haha & the nails are really cool =0

MizArWeN said...

ur yutaka reli luk pretty eh.. :) doe i duno d diff btwn yutaka n kimono (LOL)

Ur 1st question atu reli mek me tink. I jz love to blog smtin dat i wnt to share. mostly abt my feeling. place of wer i throw my frustrations..and smtyms dt connected abt my life. f d lyn mmg smua emotional put..heheh.

anyhoo, hv a nyc day put :)

Dolce♥Bunny said...

you look really really pretty in the yukata! Very pretty color and I love it!
Why i blog? To share! Cuz sharing is caring! and I forget stuff very easily so its a good reminder :D

Shou-chan said...

kawaii yukata ne :3 *__*

LoveStory said...

wahhh...siuk pu3!! n ur yukata so cute xD...n nail polish? ahaha that heals my boredom alot of times too..ahaha xD


scotland fingernail! haha cute

selangkirfajar said...

Why do we blog? Maybe because of one simple reason.. Because we can haha

jellytelly_ri-chan said...

u look pretty in yukata!!!and the mini sumo is really cute hahhaa... love that thing...I like ur end product of the nail art

Deanona said...

i am strongly agree with you. the reason why we blog - self satisfaction. cheers!^^

Jesa said...

You are so gorgeous!!

Really lovely blog!

Cheers, Jesa

Cath J said...

wowww.... so much fun!!!! and cute girl in Pink Yukata... ^_^

Haya♥ said...

Yayy! Me and Asuka!! I still Have that picture in fact its right in front of me :)Its soo amazing!


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