Saturday, 12 June 2010

Living RazorShell Seafood

Few nights ago~
Jeri treated me out for a hotpot dinner in Shanghai Restaurant (located on Portland Street, Aberdeen).
The restaurant specialises in fresh seafood (recommended!)... Not that I never seen living sea-creatures to be cooked for dinner, but it was the 1st time seeing living Razor clams!

Here's the photo i took with my iphone (T_T I should have brought my camera!) 
I even took a video of it! 

I tried these things before, (my family are big fans of seafood ;)).. but weren't as big! 
The thing is... I never thought it looked so much like a WORM! (and I couldn't stand these creepy wrigglers!)  

The shell popped open once it was put into the boiling soup~ I was shocked by the real ugly alien looks of that creature. I didn't remember eating such a thing! 

I was afraid to try at first. So Jeri took the bite.  
I took my guts to eat the next cooked one afterwards.
I couldn't take my mind off that horrible vision while chewing its 'tail'. 
At the end...

I couldn't finish it. 
(Hardly even a bite)

How bout you guys? Any of you love Razor clams??
 I know its a common seafood but I seriously never thought I would feel this way all the sudden!

Beloved Jerry Chan! Thank you for the treat! (^_^) 
My flatmates Sa and Nano went back home to Brunei 2 days ago T_T And Jeri is on the plane to Hong Kong now..
T_T I'm feeling so lonely T_T
My cousin Faridah is coming to visit me in a few days though!!  ^o^  So looking forward to it!!

Extra Bits

World Cup! *_* Not much of a fan (due to my football-obsessed boyfriend).. lol...
Nevertheless, seems like my holiday's going to be all about it. ^^
Sa bought a whole FIFA World Cup 2010 sticker box (containing 100 packs) and actually recorded a video on the process of sticking them onto the album! Played along with the theme song, Waka Waka :) Love it!

World Cup Fever from Vanessa Pang on Vimeo.

Before I go
Thanks for the Sweet Blog Award ~KawaiiParadise~! ^^
I don't think I can follow the rules though *_* I couldn't decide who to tag!
All of the bloggers I know have the sweetest blogs


Tekkaus said...

Can he treat me too? :P

Hahaha :D Hmm...I don't know what to say. But have a big heart for animals....but in the still did munch on it right? :p

**~Pu-3~** said...

Im not sure how to explain as well :P We have to take our roles as their predators in order to stabilise the world's food chain~ so I don't mind eating hehe.

The point there is that that Razorclam looks like a worm to me!

MizArWeN said... reli moved! Dey say f u kasian u cannot eat d food. Hiya! Hm, dts why i seldom go to seafood restaurant. dey taken it fresh2 dpn mta. m so pngasian orgnya~ uhuk2..beta not see dem at first tu..hohohoo

LoveStory said...

OMG!!! aku mcm, gali..but no matter. i was nvr a fan of seafood..ahaha gali gulaman ku eh..ahahah

Dolce♥Bunny said...

eeeeeeew... :( Never eaten razor clams and I'm pretty sure I won't and/or allegic to it... haha... Love the drawing!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Razor clams look cute. Lol XDXD! Haha why do you get surprised that I WATCH World Cup anyway? (o.o;;)

Abby M. said...

Haha! awesome drawings!! :D
i´ve never seen nor eaten razor clams before x)
but i would like to try one if u get a chance though:p iLove seafoods ;)

JIPP said...

Ya lahh. Doesn't feel like eating it. But most seafood don't look good when they're still alive. Would prefer not to look at 'em b4 they are cooked. hehe.

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Mizarwen] Actually not kashiani~ usulnya macam cacing baa~ T_T But i loveee seafood~ although i dont like to see living crabs are thrown into boiling water.

[LoveStory]Awuuu~ dalamnya bari gali yoo~ seafood smells bad but its d only thing i can eat here :P now jadi favoarite terpulang haha

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Dolce Bunny] Thankz~ i know what you mean :P i thought i was the only 1 who think this way since everyone else is eating without hesitation!

[Rabbito] Razor clams look CUTE? You ok rabbito? *(#_#)* Well~ usually cute girls like u who have the love for cute things dont usually watch football!

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Abby M] Thank you ^^ i should warn u, they do not look decent. Taste like oyster!

[JIPP] Lol~ when i was younger, i didnt like the idea of choosing which living seafood to be cooked for dinner in a restaurant! NOw okay la~ BUt heeyy i think they look cuter when they're alive~ i just dont like their true form!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Really??! (* o *)/" I'm looking forward for your letter!!! XDXD ♥

Shou-chan said...

oh my god! this is crazy!! OO
strange animals..

thank you for following me :3
You blog is so cute*__*


I've never seen such thing ! But I think it tastes good. HAHAHA. I want to try it, nyay!

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Shou-chan] Yes~ it is a strange animal right! That is why it was hard for me to eat! lol.

^^ thank you fr following back!

[CandyTuft] It taste like oyster :P If you are brave enough to overcome its appearance, then you should! :D

**~Pu-3~** said...

[Rabbito] Yup~ yup~ Demo it will take a long while *_*

Comic_Cat said...

I've heard of razor clams but i've never tried them. :D
and since I've seen the vid I'm sure I never will.
but the drawings are really funny. :)

**~Pu-3~** said...

I've tried them before, it was fine for me to eat until I actually saw them alive! *_*

Ken said...

u look really cute in ur yukata~!


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