Thursday, 17 February 2011

MIlan Part 2

1st of all,
 I would love to thank Jeri for the lovely roses he has given to me during v-day. 

I love flowers ^^ and I guess my favoarite would be the Sunflower (huh?). 
Jeri bought me roses because I told him that roses are romantic hohoho. 
Now the entire room smell like roses :) 

Okay moving on.
Let's continue the second part of Milan post!

So if you could remember, we were searching for a place to eat lunch that time. 

See during that time also, I was actually already traumatised by the forceful African dudes. The new place there was again, filled with them, this time, carrying books (they carried friendship bracelets in Duomo). Again a number of them approached us and so I ran away from them into a cafe, where we, ended up having our late lunch.

This was my lunch that day.

 ......But I didnt enjoy it = = 

After food, we walked around
Didn't take any good photos there. 
The weather was dull and freezing. And there were many of those crazy dudes around so I didn't want to take out my camera or I'll be their target point (= =) (arrgghhh I hate it!!!)

From the castle, we walked straight to Sempione Park that led us to the Arch of Peace.

The weather was such a mood killer that time. 
Fortunately, they sold delicious roasted chestnuts. 
And guess what?
That was our dinner :P

We walked straight back to our hostel after that - too tired to go for a proper dinner.
 That's the end of Day 1 in Milan.

To be continue...


bearbeardai said...

the bread makes me hungry i always love ur blog makes me happy hehe

CripsyCaiHong said...

lovely flower:)

Magdeline said...

beautiful roses :D ♥

MizArWeN said...

so hard to go around and enjoy d tym wen dey noe we are foreigners! Make me think hundreds tym to go der :( safety is my concern evry tym wen goin abroad..skit kpla ku eihhh

huy tran said...

chestnuts for dinner!? @__@ whattt.

p.s; what's with the death stare you got there, Jeri? :p

Tekkaus said...

Wow...everything looks so gorgeous in Milan. :p Did you watch any football matches there? Inter Milan? AC Milan?

Pu3 said...

[bearbeardai] Aww thank you ^^' But the bread didn't taste that good lol.

[CripsyCaiHong & Magdeline] Yep they're beautiful ;) Smell lovely too

[MIzarwen] Yea i don't like it too = = But you can't avoid that. Im planning to buy a security bag that can be tied around the thigh or leg for my security money and passport lol. But anyway, it just happen that Milan is not one of the safest place in Europe. Most of my friends stolen bag/wallet/purse happened in Milan also.

Pu3 said...

[huy tran] i know.. actually we were hungry later that night but too tired to go out ╰( ̄∀ ̄;)╮

[Tekkaus] Actually that's one of the reason why we go to Milan, but we missed the football match due to our 4 hours flight delay! Poor jeri.


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