Monday, 28 February 2011

Pu3's 1st vlog - My Speech Problem

I have trouble trying to speak clearly since I was a kid. 
 Possibly its due to my overcrowded crooked teeth that makes me harder to pronounce properly (note that I have a great phobia for dentist that stopped me from wearing braces when i was 13)
.. or maybe I am just plain lazy. 
I thought I should have gone for speech therapy when I was young = =
But I didnt have trouble talking out loud in public all my life until recently since I got into Uni in a foreign country
Okay okay, I still talk a lot, but not in class ok! 
Somehow I have lost my confidence to speak up in class  (where im the only one asian there). 
I stuttered everytime I tried to talk - which was super annoying cause my course mates couldn't understand what I was trying to say.

So I thought having a video diary would help me improve my speech. 

My Vlog 
(I have no intension to post this up in public at 1st actually)

I apologize for changing my voice all the time (= =') but I don't like hearing my own voice lol..secondly, it's my 1st time playing around with the clip adjustments in iMovie 11 :P
  Funny thing is I didn't plan to put any accent, but it somehow automatically switched on everytime I tried to say it out loud and clear. 

What I'm actually disappointed about myself about is... how my english speaking is getting worst over the years.
I listened to my old cassette diary recorded when I was in primary 6 (yes, I used to record my daily activity using a walkman too!).. and I'm seriously shocked to know that I sounded better back then! 

When I was a kid, one of my dreams was to be a reporter ToT
Now, I can't even speak properly in front of a recording camera, I even lost for words easily and started saying nonsense... Not to mention, my front crooked teeth that will drive people crazy.
Daymn, Li'l Pu3 must be really disappointed to see me now.
No no! I should not let myself down!
Practice! Practice! 


MizArWeN said...

hmph.Reli Pu3? Frm wt i rmmba u spoke very well wen we talked to each other lst tym. Only my english is d one was so crap. Huhu. Bt yes, practise makes perfect. Chaiyo!!!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

huy tran said...

Mr.Vui likes your courage.
i also have a stuttering problem..:( & sometimes even lost for words. Hrmmm. probably because i speak a lot of different other languages. :p

Make more videos!! ^^

Deanona said...

aha iMovie 11! cool application there! and you look cute :)

i have the same problem too. i'm not confident enough to speak up in public. T.T

Pu3 said...

[Mizarwen] Thats because you didn't hangout with me long enough to realized hehe :P and i tried to speak as clear as i can if im out of my house. If you hear me talk at home (as in dirumah) payah ko faham tu, my mum always marahi telling me to learn sabut word bulat-bulat. :P

Masa form1-2 puas sudah kana buli dulu ToT Even now my flatmates are always making fun of how try to pronounce every words.
Its minor really, but I couldn't make it perfect :( like 's' or 'shh' or 'teeth' or anything with ends with ''

= = Jeri always makes fun of me coz i say 'tit' instead of 'teeth'

Pu3 said...

[Huy tran] Whoa, how many languages can you speak @o@

[Deanona] Lol yea, i kinda spoil the video so much coz i used up the whole voice tones available in the list. ^^'

Owh i guess many people have the same problem when they have to face someone foreign hehe.

☪ | a e r i . q u i ñ o n e s said...

i think you speak very well actually...i barely heard an accent ^_^
there are a couple asian girls at my school (from vietnam) and they have lived here since they were 5 or 6 years old and still dont speak good english. i think you're doing great ^_^

Tekkaus said...

At least you did have your very first vlog. I have yet to do mine. :p

Tekkaus said...

I think your English is quite good already. I believe mine is not as good as yours. :p

huy tran said...

i can't believe i wrote heaps. scratch that, LOL!!

well, i'm fluent with Vietnamese. my dad is teaching me Cantonese. i learned Yr12 Japanese and i'm currently enrolled into Mandarin. & when i know enough, i'm SOOO learning Korean!

haha, apparently i speak sentences with both Vietnamese & English to my Vietnam International buddies. they're so annoyed. LOL, makes them think more. ^^`

Pu3 said...

[berry] You think so? :P But this video is taken many times till i get my voice clear, if you talk to me face to face, i don't think you will get what im talking about :P Hehe

[Tekkaus] You go make ur vlog tekkaus! Atleast I know the right tone for your voice everytime i read your blog XD

Pu3 said...

[Huy tran] Whoa... seriously? vietnamese, cantonese, mandarine and japanese??? *claping hands* i learned japanese yet i still have trouble talking it out *_* Because i think even 2 (malay n english) is too much for me. daym you must be good.

MOON said...

Hahaha! So funny, but I think your english doesn't suck! It's good!

MayClover said...

I think your English is good!
I also want to make vlogs, but don't know if I can do it XD
I admire your courage, you are cute! Keep making vlogs ^^

@Huy tran: omg I also want to learn those languages hahahha XD I will start with Japanese (A)

Anonymous said...

maybe u just need confident in urself to talk. it's ok to make mistake. one of my friends, who is a french, can't speak english well, my lil sister lagi bagus. so, be confident

Dk Yamin said...

[Moon] I only sound ok with basic english lol ;D donno how to use big words

[Mayclover] Aww thnx, i can't believe i really posted it in my blog, i thought many times whether to delete it or not, but i guess not. You should try make a vlog too ^^

[Muhsin] Yea, i have class confidence issue actually hehe. Thank you ^^

Dk Yamin said...

Dk Yamin = Pu3

huy tran said...

@Pu3; oh, you flatter me ;)

@Dewi; go for it! ^^, Japanese should be fun since you like Japanese stuffs :3


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