Sunday, 13 February 2011

My 3-day Road Trip in Scotland Journal

Wow, I took a month break from blogging huh!
How are you everyone? ╰(◉ω◉)╯~♪

See,  I started my new semester 2 weeks ago just when I was done with my workloads and examination. So I've been pretty busy ╭(⫪Д⫪;)╮and still am. (Still can fb though)
I'm not even sure whether I'd still be able to blog often this semester.

 ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼ ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼ ✼  ✼  ✼  ✼

So today I'm just gonna post some photos that happened recently. 
o( ̄ ^  ̄ o) Nothing much happened others then anything course-related really  
*Sigh* ( ̄▭ ̄;) being a final year student sure sucks

Last week - Jeri's birthday .
He's 22 now, and I love the colour of his Hazelnut Dream cake! ^^
Last weekend also,
my very 1st UK road trip with friends.
I even made a journal out of it! Half was done during the trip itself.
Do you wanna see the whole story? ;D 
Owh wait, how about the Milan trip 2nd post?
He has said it! :P Lol.

For now. 
Our Scotland roadtrip journal!

But then again.......... to lazy to explain (= =')
I'll just keep my words short.
Let my journal be your guide whether you can see or not lol.  

Day 1.
Rented a car and drive to Glasgow for 3.5hours. 
Stayed in Euro hostel 10.30pounds/night.
Day 2
Something happened that night. 
Somewhat curious? Ask me! ;) 

Went to ikea - the main reason we went for a roadtrip in the 1st place.
Lunch in Glasgow
I must say this: 
Wau Cafe in Glasgow - best Malaysian restaurant I've ever tried in Scotland!
I love their Nasi lemak!

Visited art gallery and museum

Drove to Edinburgh for 1.5hour. 
Stayed in Belford hostel for 8.50pounds per night.
Day 3
Drove around Edinburgh.
Lunch at Anstruther for the one of UK's best fish and chips. 
Then went home and reached back to Aberdeen at 6.45pm.
That's it! :) Phew


Anonymous said...

Great, post! I enjoyed reading! Your trip sure looks fun! x)

LoveStory said...

wah! u've travelled alot! i like this postttt... xD will be waiting for yr Milan second post ;)

MizArWeN said...

I want to do backpackers and road trip after reading this, Pu3!~ So much to see. Heheh

Pu3 said...

Thanks girls ^^ Owh my mizarwen, I just watched 'Eat Pray Love' and it makes me wanna travel around asia!

Hello said...

YAYAYAYAY PU3 ~<3 Looked like a fun break from all the studying!!

Dk Yamin said...

Hehehe Haya, its more like procrastination rather than study break ^^'

Fakhira HM Saiful said...

WELCOME BACK!! *oh im so glad!* I always love your artwork and been missing it for the past month! :D ahahahaaaa I sure love to have that copy of journal, its funny and boleh buat buku like this indonesian blogger he publish his funny blogpost :D and and and I LOVE that IKEA Fiskevik picture holder! If di Brunei, they'll sell it for hundreds (kejam) hahahaa :D and oh.. the hostel.. ahahahaaa sure was 'LOUD' at night eiyy? I dare not to ask furthermore.. ahahahaaaa :D

Pop Champagne said...

oh wow lovely pictures, looks like you had a great time!!

JIPP said...

Hello PU3. Its good to see u again! Your sketches amuse me as always. Wahh, they do make out in a hostel huh? So inconsiderate. hehe. Can't wait for ur next post. :-)

huy tran said...

i LOVEEEEE your illustrations!! *-*

Dk Yamin said...

[Pakirah] Owh pakirah, i've thinking about producing a book soo~ many times XD i mean just for me hehehe, a hardcopy. Thankx for the link, I wanna see what's inside his book! And owh yea, they're very loud, klau inda, mana my friend menangis malam atu. Lol

[Pop Champagne] Thank you! XD

Dk Yamin said...

[JIPP] Its ok if they're making love, but seriously 3 people in a small single bed? How can they do that without falling down the floor? XD

[Huy tran] Thannkkkxx ^^


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