Friday, 25 February 2011

So Exhausted!

Here's the latest photo of me taken in Queen's Mother Library last night. 
Yea~... this semester sucks.

Jeri got his new ipad just a week ago, and I tried drawing on it (using Art Studio app). 
Even my drawings are.....

✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿ 

Setting that aside, 
I am currently addicted to one of Jeri's ipad games. 

Do you know Jubeat
It's a series of arcade music video games and it was somewhat new to me last summer when I went to Hongkong (photo below).
I don't remember seeing one in japan eventhough it was released 2 years ago.
So anyway, 
And I've been playing with it during my whole free time :P I mean come on, they even have Studio Ghibli's song! (Totoro♫ Totoro~)

Have you ever played Jubeat? Love it?

✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿ 

Moving on
The macaron I ordered from Macaronique (12 for 22pounds) arrived last night. ^^

The flavours are Madagascan Vanilla, Heavenly Dark Chocolate (my  fav)Rose & Lychee, Milk Chocolate & Passion Fruit, Simply Pistachio (good very good keluar janggut) and Piquant Lemon.

Aaahhh colourful macarons, you make me happy.

But it does still makes me wonder.. 
Why are macarons that expensive ah? 

✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿   ✿ 

It's been a long time I haven't post what-i-did-in-Uni-today photos. 
We went to the Oceanlab
 And each group have to create a mini deep sea lander..
full stop.
I do not wish to lose my readers.
Nyeh = = 
Need to go do my report now,
I'll see you guys again next time lah ah.


LoveStory said...

wat do u mean u dont wana lose readers? lol! Oceanlab seems interesting..u'll post another one of it next time too right? ahaha..good luck with yr final year pu3. you can do it!! hwaiting~! xD

MizArWeN said...

Sighhh... Ds post makes me miss study tym and all d stress(*`へ´*)

Syahirah Yakob said...

its expensive cuz its hard to make. the macaroons i mean

Tekkaus said...

Wow...iPad? I wish I can have one too. They must have everything on it right? :p

Tekkaus said...

macaron! They are hot right now. I know more and more bakeries are selling them. :) But I have yet to see any of them in my hometown here.

Tekkaus said...

Last but not least I hope you are getting better now. Don't be too stressed ok. :)

Pu3 said...

[LOvestory] Haha, ndakan aku explain about my course work in details kan? :P Lari karang readers ku. Bt anyway, thankx for the support ヽ(^◇^)ノ

[Mizarwen] Don't miss, enjoy your current life without having the need to study for exam XD

[Syahirah] Yeah, the texture is really nice :)

{Tekkaus] Yep everything in ipad, but games are not as much as the one found in iphone.
Macaron are easy to be found in asia, but not in uk ╭(>Д<;)╮ so is Jubeat, which is why I have to explain the arcade game in brief detail.

CathJ said...

wow something new for me.. jubeat (org lama lah kata kan.. ;-p, belajar from youngsters like you all je lah ^_^)

all the best with study... your cartoon so cool.. *like* harus di like mcm dalam FB.. ^_^

Pu3 said...

No no no~ I am consider 'ketinggalan' already :P It's somewhat new to me too coz you can't find them in uk but they're everywhere in asia now haha.

Aww thank you for your support XD Im ding my best!

Shen said...

Aw, poor you D: Good luck and hope you overcome your exhaustion and stress!

Pu3 said...

Thank you Shen! :D

Anonymous said...

i love your posts about uni! more on uni please? :3

Dk Yamin said...

@_@ Huh really? Thanx. Okay, next time la :P I haven't got any practical for a long time.
Im just worried it would just bore some people ^^'

Saving Capulet said...

oh gosh, you look so tired, I hope you'll get a break from all the work soon :(

Pu3 said...

:P Yea it will be over in 4 weeks until the easter break, I can't wait!


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